Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sponsored Post: CHACEYLOVE

 Hello guys!:) Today's post will be on Chaceylove's apparels which was kindly sponsored by Acelyn(owner of chaceylove)! :))

I'm sure most of you are familiar with chaceylove;) They have been around for quite some time and launched alot of collections!

Isn't their logo so cute? XD 


Fresh from the mailbox!

Chaceylove's model Mio looks so pretty in both items!

These two items are from their latest collection (6 May)!

Under a less bright setting: (colours more true to this set of pics)

okay, i'm going to give my honest review on both items! But really, i love both items alot! First off its because florals are one of my fav prints hehe;) 

For the skirt, i think the cutting is awesome seriously ;) Flared designs are flattering for all shapes :) and the prints are just lovely<3 Its really great for springtime, bright and vibrant prints add a happy tone! Material is slightly on the thin side though, but it has inner lining so its non sheer:) Do be careful if it is a windy day though hehe. Length wise is great for me as i like slightly shorter skirts cos i'm petite and its more flattering:) For taller girls it might be slightly short though! Overall this skirt is great for this happy and vibrant season! Florals make everyone happy ^^

As for the silk chiffon blouse, one of the best things about it is the material;) I'm not kidding when i say its awesome hehe. Its very smooth and lightweight which i think is very cooling for our hot weather! I actually prefer this material to normal chiffon because its much smoother and not scratchy against the skin:) And the balloon sleeves add a nice touch, gives off a elegant bohemian feel doesn't it?;) Oh but one thing about it is that it is sheer so inner tube is needed, preferably white! Usually for this kind of blouses some might worry that it will be oversized for smaller girls, but this one comes with a drawstring waist which helps alot! It fits nicely for a UK6 like me:) Overall a very versatile piece! Wore it out 2 times this week already ;)) 

Do visit Chaceylove's website and take a look at their newest collection just launched yesterday! Features both items i reviewed above ;) Many thanks to lovely Acelyn once again!:))


OTD: Lollyrouge Hearts Parachute Dress <3
Wonderlust Pastel White Belt (comes in a set of 5 colours!)

Review: This dress is so cuteeee ^w^ Lotsa white hearts all around:) Loving this print alot hehe:) Material is kinda cotton like but slightly thicker, quality is ok but not say super awesome~ Cutting is flared which i like;) But the front scooped neckline is abit low thus i had it altered so it won't be too uncomfortable, like constantly gotta pull it up. Received lots of compliments for this dress haha! Its too adorable to resist <3 Overall its design makes it worth it! :)

& i visited my cousins in malaysia! My closest cousin Kayleigh has an awesome collection of specs!! Had lotsa fun with it hehe >D

hahaha this is totally EDNA mode!! from the incredibles(a movie long long time ago)! XD u can google edna if u totally forgot how she looks like XD

& striped specs! so funkyyyyy 8D

& some items i got from msia:) 
the hello panda and poifull i got from a food fair! I love snacks, its like my guilty pleasure and i know its unhealthy but i love it anyways:) Hello panda is one of my fav! Esp the vanilla flavour one ^w^

maybelline introduced the new range of baby lip balm which has new flavours like mango(featured below!) and it has SPF 20 :)) I personally rly like this lip balm cos it works :) And it has spf!! im abit of a SPF fanatic now, spf on my face lips hands neck legs lol XD

Eau Thermale Avene trial pack! Got it at an awesome price of about 33 ringgit which is about 13SGD for all the four items :)) One thing i love abt msia is the prices of normal stuff haha :) I buy vivi magazines(latest issues) at 15ringgit which is 6SGD. And it retails at about $9+ in spore, so ex >( haha anyways i love this brand of face products! Its good and it works :) This pack contained its signature spring water mist, whitening lotion(Y), gel cleanser and makeup remover:) All will be useful!

oh and i got some funky specs of my own from far east plaza, quite ex leh, $6 for one :/ 

haha thanks for viewing this long post! byeeeee:) and remember to support CHACEYLOVE! :) :)

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