Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Childlike Adorability

My 2 days of science camp is over! :) It was fun but yes very tiring, will have a proper post on that ;)

so yes, my relatives stayed at my house for 4 days while my parents were enjoying themselves at Vietnam with Spas and whatnot:) 

Baked Betty Crocker choc chip cookies spiecially for them!:))

miniscule ones are for my cute toddler cousins;)

cookies are puffing up!

Tadah! end product :D it tasted pretty good:))

my coolio grandaunt who is 67, don't look like right! She looks much younger:D

greedy bro who chomped up lots of cookies haha

ahhh insanely cute Aiden! He's 1/4 angmoh btw haha.

Plopping on the sofa #likeaboss!

big brother Brandon:))

haha cute aiden in my mum's fluffy slippers!

marching into BHG #likeaminiboss! ;D

aww furry hamster at action city XD it talks btw!

coolio 8D

loots from topshop! Pearl Gold collar necklace:) major love!

floral print sunnies! Quite pricey for $29 :O

free recyclable bag from topshop:)
and i finally got a chance to wear out my TVD Eyelet Dress in Sage Blue:))

upclose of pretty eyelet and floral embroidery:)
Review: Got this dress in sage blue and white, but decided that i have too many white dresses so i'll be letting the white one go:) Material is cotton and has inner lining, quite ok i guess. Eyelets are more subtle but still nice imo:) Oh and i really like the colour:) Its a nice shade of blue, kind of denim coloured, not so much navy^^ The sash is silk like and its really smooth, adds a nice contrast to the rough/embroidered dress as well:) Overall this dress is a keeper for me becos of the colour and eyelet, but for $29 i think it is on the pricey side :O
bag of the day! Chanel Boy Inspired bag:)

paired it with my Chanel Boy Inspired bag:)

part 2 coming up tml/fri! cos too many pics le XD 

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