Friday, 18 May 2012

The Design Closet Reversible Tee in Yellow/Orange ^^

saturdayyyyyy <3 

First time i bought from The Design Closets!;) got this Reversible Tee in Yellow/Orange :)

Review: There are no faults with this top haha, major love! The material is really super super good, i'm not kidding :) Quality for this top is even better than usual TTR/MGG stuff imo! Very smooth and soft to the touch:) And i'm loving the colours^^ Bought it cos of the pastel yellow side actually, have been wanting to looking for a nice shade of yellow to pair with my other pastel bottoms(like TTR's poppy shorts in mint) :) The orange shade is not bad too:) Cutting is slightly big for me though! And the thing bout reversible tops is that its usually thicker, thus hotter. But every cent i spent on this is very worth it;)! 

some 9gags i viewed recently!:)


And for the animal lovers... 

haha cuteness overload ;) meow! 

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