Thursday, 3 May 2012

#Vintage Preppy

hello again!:) Back with OTDs and loots!:) 

spot the awesome vintage bib necklace?^^ Got it at topshop during the 50% off second item sale!:) So this item was only around $16. Super pretty and good quality, very very worth it i must say!:) And it goes so well with alot of stuff^^

Forever New Eyelet Collar Blouse (this is the original piece that inspired Love bonito's lindsay top!)
CWC Amie Textured Skirt in Cocoa, S
Topshop Vintage Bib Necklace
Black Furry Mini Satchel with lockette

Loving my otd:)! So preppy!:) I really think the necklace brings the outfit to a whole new level^^ Loving the mix of textures too! Eyelets and the cwc textured skirt:) just a short review for the skirt:)

Review: Bought the skirt because of the colour, been looking for a dark brown skirt since forever! The fit is alright, slightly loose at the waist but a belt will easily solve the problem:) Love the textured feel, its not really scratchy to me :) Usually i go for flare skirts but this more structured one looks pretty alright too!:) A good basic to have if you don't have any dark coloured bottoms:) 

upclose of the lovely necklace<3

oh yeah! me and momsie stopped by at MNG cos they just updated their collection! #shopaholics. I love that me and momsie have so much in common! hehe. Anyways their collection is really nice<3 Saw alot of items i like but just decided to get one :) Which is the lovely pastel floral skirt below!

Its pretty isn't it?:) Normal price is $49 but at the cashier a lady asked if i want to combine purchase with her so that we can both get 20% off and of cos i agreed haha:) So i got it at about $39:)! So thankful for the lady who asked me to share purchase hehe:)

& after that got some nice ol chocolate fudge from the gelato store at taka B1 :) Flavour is quite rich but also rather pricey! 

&& other loots of the day:) Momsie bought me 2 items from Forever New becos my exam results are good(acc to her la) :) Almost perfect score, just got one A2 instead of A1 becos its language arts. No need reason, its just becos its language arts lol. Its so hard to score for that subject T^T But anyhows, moving on!

Got these few items:
Peach Ribbon Laced Tank( Forever New)
Embellished Ivory Skirt (Forever New)
Pastel Floral Skirt (MNG)

loving all 3 items! Thanks momsie<3 My new fav high street store is officially forever new XD (Y)

ok ending off with a 9gag! My fav lol XD FIND FOREVER ALONE haha and you'll get the joke XD

ok thanks for viewing byeeeee:)

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