Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: LB Camila Corset in Black, AE Sicily shorts, Twistpolka denim skirt + High Street Goodness ;)

hello! Today's gonna be a continuation of my previous post(the ellysage maxi one) cos there were too many pics so i had to split into 2 posts:) anyways its quite backdated heh. Review of LB's shrug will be at the end of the post!

dropped by zara to have a look!:) saw this pretty crotchet dress ^^

have been looking for a nice pastel yellow skirt but haven't found any>< Saw this yellow skirt at bershka but didn't really like the prints on it :/

Anyways ^^ Received loots today! From LB, Agneselle and Twistpolka:)

LB Camilla Corset in Black XS

Review: Pretty eyelet details!:)) Not padded but has wire boning so it gives a nice shape and its quite hugging at the waist area. Has adjustable straps which are a plus point:) But i do agree that the sizing for this is slightly smaller than the charlotte corset and jubilee bralet. :/ I wonder why>< Overall a nice basic and its very very versatile:) can pair with almost any bottoms:) i like to pair mine with skirts ^^ Anyways i'm still letting this go cos i have it in white:) Let me know if anyone's int!:) 

Twistpolka Light Denim Skirt

Review: This shade of denim is super pretty! One of my fav shades in my wardrobe thus far ;) i prefer light washes hehe. Colour is not very true to my pic, more true to twistpolka's :) Its slightly loose for me at the waist area though, but it has belt hoops so a belt will solve this problem:) Length is just right as well ^^ Overall a very satisfied buy:) Thumbs up for twistpolka's service too:) Allowed me to have an extension for payment, fast replies and fast delivery! :)

Agneselle Sicily Floral Shorts in Tropical,S

Review: Cutting is alright, though slightly big for me at the waist area(supposed to be highwaisted). Prints are not as bright and cheery as on agneselle's pics but its still nice:) The material of the shorts i can't really comment on 0.0 haven't bought any shorts with this material yet, its like matte and slightly rough but isn't denim :/ Its not scratchy though:) Am letting go of this piece as well cos i have another pair of floral shorts hehe. lmk if anyone's interested!:)

okay happy midweek! :))

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  1. Hello dear!

    Are you a bottom UK6?? Interested in the Floral shorts from AE. Price nego?

    mail me at contagiouspraise@gmail.com