Tuesday, 22 May 2012


 hello again!:) Quick update before i start watching Running Man(Korean variety show, its hilarious!!) :D

Watched a choir concert on Sunday and here's my OTD:)
TSR Scallop Hem Dress in Peach

I know i've reviewed it before but this is the first time i've actually worn it out:) Love it!!

oh and because the concert was at esplanade i paired it with a knitted cardigan i got from Miia (Japanese brand, quite famous in Japan i tink:)) My first cream cardigan can you believe it haha. my second one is LB's Shoelle shrug in cream XD

supported my seniors! The concert was so awesome my gosh:) The incorporated some theatrical amusements and dances haha so cuteee:)

oh and before the concert i headed to Kissjane(citylink) and tried on some items!

TVD Evelyn Lace Blouse in Salmon (upcoming on tonight's launch!)
Super pretty:) Last piece in S but it has a defect :( i'm so camping for it!!

oh and i tried on LRH's Kaleesi Lace blouse as well:)
its pretty nice but it has a slight pouf at the shoulders which i don't like:? thus didn't get it~

Dinner was at some random place. Its called "EAT" lol XD It tasted ok but was overpriced imo:/

say hello to my fuzzy friend syl who is so shy lol

and red mango was just beside the place i had dinner at so YAY for me :)) Have been wanting to try it since a long time ago! Tasted nice with the sweet peaches but still abit expensive in my opinion :O Yami yogurt is a more pocket friendly choice hehe.

took some random photos while waiting for the concert doors to open~~

and i arrived home that night to some lovely samples sent my Mekhalaliving :) Tried the Young Rice Milk yesterday and it smelled good:) A very natural smell:) Also its free of parabens etc! Do visit their website k:) I personally think that their products are quite good, have been using their shampoo for quite long hehe.

ok thanks byee! gonna watch running man YAYYYYY >D

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