Thursday, 17 May 2012

Summer Fauna

received May's bellabox! ^^ Love Singpost for its recent efficiency hahaha ;)

aww this time bb didn't come with a nice structured pink box :/ came with a dustbag instead 0.0 but never mind i'm sure it'll be useful as well:)

may's products!
Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo and Conditioner
Macadamia Hair Nourishing Oil
Enavose Youth Guard Cream
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsule
CandyDoll Makeup Base, Liquid Foundation and Powder foundation
+Elizabeth Arden $20 Voucher :)

this month's products don't really suit me cos some of them are for ageing, so my mum koped it haha XD The essential products are good for me though, been running out of shampoo:) Can't wait to try the products^^!

And recent loots:)
Flower Garland from ForeverNew
Pearl Iphone Case from ForeverNew(will show upclose next time!)
Pastel pink/cream Box bag from ForeverNew
Loreal Mythic Oil from Salon Vim ~$45

loving all the loots seriously!:) esp the mythic oil omg:) It really is an amazing product;) will do a full review on that soon!

i got all these during the shopping trip i had with momsie before we headed out for second round of mother's day celebrations haha ;)

Dinner was at Dong Hai Chinese Restaurant at Takashimaya (level 5) :) food was pretty decent:) prefer their dimsum though!

Lilypirates Lace Dress
Playboy Pink Bunny Bag
Metal Cap Dusty Pink Heels

And just cos i love to be random, here's a bunny pic i got off tumblr ;) so cuteee :)
"Some bunny i used to know" haha so philosophical LOL

ok good day ppl! 

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