Monday, 30 April 2012

Review: Dressabelle Floral Embroidery Blouse , The gorgeous look Shimmery Gold Shoulder Asy Dress(Cream)

Dressabelle Floral Embroidery Blouse 

Review: Got this from Dressabelle a few collections back! I actually received this 2 weeks ago but was procrastinating and so its only up now XD Paired it with my own tweed dusty pink skirt:) Design wise its quite ok, love the floral details which are nicely sewn on:) The sheer shoulder details are also a nice touch though i think it'll look alright even if its opaque :) But material wise not so good :/ its supposedly inner lined but still kinda sheer! And its slightly scratchy on the skin :/ But i'll keep it because its so LV like and i love the cute collar and floral imprints :)

The Gorgeous Look Shimmery Gold Shoulder Asy Dress(Cream)

Review: Major love for this dress! Asym hemlines+ Gold sequins! Two of my super likes :D I think its very grecian goddess looking no? haha:) Sequins are sewn on quite well, but i think still must handwash! Material is flowy chiffon, quite ok as well:) The only thing i can complain about is the inner lining :/ as can be seen from the pics its rly short! Inner lining should be at least 3 inches longer imo >< But other than that i really like the feel this dress gives off;) My fav buy from TGL so far!<3

Anyways!:) here are some random 9gags i found interesting!

In lieu of Mother's Day, here's a very "inspirational" card a kid made for his mum...... XD

#TRUESTORY. How come all hairdressers are like that! hahah XD

HAHAHAHA//This guy rocks XD

happy holidays ppl! :)) I'll be enjoying my 24hours of freedom tomorrow >:D

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