Friday, 1 June 2012

Bella Stilo: Sugary Pastels

Hello!!:) Today's entry will be the first post in the Bella Stilo Series ;) 

Bella Stilo means "beauty" and "style" respectively in Italian, and this series will be my take on the current fashion trends!;) Do support and leave me a comment if you like it or if you have any questions :)

This Spring/Summer is a pastel filled one! Seen on Louis Vuitton and Jill Sander's runways, sugary pastels in the shades of pink, peach, white, cream and baby blue are undeniably a refreshing sight! This is my favourite SS2012 trend as well and i'm very pleased to share my take on it:)

Hollyhoque Ruffles Spaghetti Top in Vanilla
H&M Swing Skirt in Dusty Pink
Floral Heels (my own ;)

One of my favourite pastel combinations has to be yellow and pink ;) It totally reminds you of sugary confections no?:) And i thought the floral heels would be a nice complement to spice up the whole ensemble :)

Hope you enjoyed the first Bello Stilo entry!:) There'll be more to come!~


  1. when did you get your h&m dusty pink skirt? is it recently?

    1. i got it last year in Europe:) I'm afraid it isn't avail in our Singapore outlet anymore:((