Sunday, 10 June 2012


Good morning world! Its gonna be an exciting day today^^ For me at least, cos i'm going k-boxing with my friends:) They're all very "scared" of me lol, cos i'm in choir and they say they're gonna sound horrible to me hahaha XD My forever cute friends<3 

heh heh, these random wake up shots aren't here for nothing:) Its a hint as to something awesome i'm gonna introduce to you guys in another post:) Hint: Beauty product!

Ok my life hasn't been very happening lately, but it isn't too boring either:) Me and momsie tried making italian ciabatta bread last week! :) You can get this mix from cold storage at about $5:)

after adding water it looks abit ahem...

let the yeast work its magic!

it was all poofy and ready for baking!

the sad loner bread cos the other tray could only contain 9 and we had to bake 10.. 

TADAH! End product:) It tasted pretty good :)!

ok and just something random my friend shared on facebook:) I found it quite :O.. But some of the people were quite mean to keep suan-ing spore in the comments lol. Personally i feel that i'll still prefer living in Spore XD There are many factors deciding if living in a certain place is good or not, its not just about the price. I mean if u live in a 12 acre island where are you gonna get electricity and all the stuff you get in spore right now? haha. And in the middle of the night you might just get eaten by a wild animal or something :O And spore's security is really awesome as compared to other places alr:) Just read news articles and you'll know haha. Pst, but the seaview villa looks really pretty doesn't it? hahaha XD

ok i actually received quite a few items on Friday but didn't have alot of time to review~

LB Shelburne Skirt in Violet, S && TTR Basic Bandage Top in White

Review(LB): This skirt is mad pretty!:)) Just look at the intricately cut out eyelets:) LB's items are getting better and better<3 The colour is very bright and striking as well, just pair with a basic top and you're good to go:) Material wise it is definitely thinner than expected, but i actually prefer it this way cos its lighter:) I don't like skirts that are too heavy, except for maxis cos they gotta be heavy XD Sizing wise i carted out a S cos i was too rushed and didn't see that they have XS, but its fine as well, S fits me very comfortably with alot of allowance:) Still got alot of space after heavy meals haha. Its very worth the price imo, cos they cut outs are just too pretty<3

Review(TTR): One of my fav loots this week:) This bandage top actually can be found in quite a few shops, TVD launched it before as well. But i'm glad i waited for TTR's cos its cheaper, and i'm pretty sure its the same thing XD Material is really stretchy so it'll fit a range of sizes, no problem with sizing for me:) And its a very flattering piece as well, makes you look thinner and accentuates the upper half haha. Imo it isn't super tummy hiding though! Still, for $21 it is super worth it, regret not getting it in wine as well>< 

LRH Ballerina Swing Skirt in Florals, Baroque Black, Size S

Review(LRH): So awesome of LRH to remake this skirt in florals hehe, cos the cutting of this skirt is really good:) Sizing wise i prefer this version as well:) XS for the previous dotted version is actually kinda small haha. Usually i prefer white bases, but in this case the baroque black seems nicer^^ It is pretty but i wouldn't say im head over heels for it:) A good skirt to have if you're looking for floral prints^^

more exciting stuff to come in the next post!:)) Till then don't get the monday blues k:)! 


  1. hi! just wondering, are you studying/ working now? :)

  2. haha ok, mind sharing where and what degree? :) keep blogging!

    1. haha haven't reached the degree level yet, few more years to go:) School wise.. i'd like to keep it a secret ;)thanks for stopping by btw:)