Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sunny Bliss!

The Banana Party has just launched their 4th collection, Mirage of Prints:) Do head over to their site to take a look! :) This collection really has lots of pretty prints;) PS: They also have the exact floral blouse that Thevelvetdolls was selling, but with a better price;) 

Like them on facebook here for more updates and sneak peeks!:))

Also, check out their 3rd collection as well!;) I kept the polka dot dress in rust from that collection:)

Hey guys! Ok this is the official start of the post hehe. Remember when i mentioned that i'm gonna introduce something awesome to you guys?;) 
Here's what it is!....

L'oreal's Renewal Lash Serum!;)

Although it isn't rated superly awesome on makeupalley, this product is a wonder for me:) Simply put, it works and the results are distinct! I have been using this for about 2years now and the results are really good. My lashes are actually considered long to begin with, but this product made it longer and longer till i thought it wasn't possible for it to grow further haha. And definitely my lashes are stronger, nowadays i just curl it, no mascara needed:) But the texture is slightly gooey and there will be remnants the next morning. But if you don't mind those, this product will be good!:) I'm not paid to do this btw XD Just really wanted to share this product with you guys cos it worked wonders for me;) 

ok im sorry this post has to be split up into so many parts! So so so many pictures :OO

ok, just some recent reviews!:)

CWC Sara Dotted Midi in Rust, XS

Review: Finally managed to get a piece of this when cwc informed me there was one last piece in stock! Have been trying to hunt it down on their forum but to no avail>< I really like cwc's "informing"system haha, lets you know when the item you want is back in stock :D Really loving this piece:) The colour is unique, very vintage-y! And the small dots are cute:) XS fits me well with slight allowance:) Material is good as well, kinda feels like mesh, but not prickly.:)) A very good buy! Loving this midi skirt!(more than the other midi skirt i bought from them the previous time hehe).

Ellysage Pink Floral Dress

Review: For $23mailed this is quite a good steal:) The prints are more or less true to their site, pretty in real life too! Material is alright, not very thick, but it has inner lining~ Has a sash for enhancing the waist too:) But i'll be letting this go as the ptp area is kinda big for me and i'm lazy to alter XD Email me at hoppybunnies@hotmail.com if int, qyop:)

TVD Lace Sleeve Basic Tee in White, S (upcoming!)

sry for messy hair! was kinda in a rush XD

Review: Tried this on at kissjane^^ There was a few other colours too but i thought white was the most versatile:) Very pretty piece, a must have basic for lace lovers like me! So i bought it at kissjane without hesitating hehe. Material is of good quality, stretchy as well. Sizing wise i took S, it was ok-comfortable for me(uk4 for tops). As stated on tvd's fb page it fits uk6-8, but imo it fits up to big uk6/smalluk8. Cos i don't like my tops to be overly tight/hugging, which i think might be the case for big uk8s. Priced at $29.90, should be $25 for online price:) 

And now just random snippets, not really under a special category hehe.

New italian restaurant at Bukit Timah Plaza:) Prices are SUPER friendly, like $3.90 for chicken bolognese! Food is pretty good as well:) Awesome, i like;D

And my bro got a giant sunflower from his concert. Its so bright and cheery!! 8D

look its bigger than my face -_-!!

Till the next post!:) 


  1. hello there you have both the skirts from catwalk close: sara and picnic one. may i know which one is more slimming if I'm heavy bottom? and which one is more flattering? less poofy. thanks!

    1. Hi! I would say the Sara skirt is more flattering even though its slightly poofier:) cos the picnic skirt is made of cotton and is heavier so it droops down after the hips area, whereas for Sara its made of chiffon so even after the hips area there is still a slight flare which makes it more flattering esp for people who have heavier bottoms :)

    2. thank you so much for the reply :D may i ask you if i should purchase size S or XS? I'm size XS/S for top (uk4-6) and uk 6-8 for bottom! which one would be more flattering for me? I'm about 155cm!

    3. Hello! I tink you hve the exact same uk sizing as me:) i took XS for this and it fits well since its high waisted:) so yups i tink xs will fit u fine:)