Monday, 4 June 2012


 hello! >D lol i also don't know whats with the evil >D face haha! Start the post with my face lol :D
This is so backdated... took these pics like last sunday after my shoot with thebananaparty :) After i wiped everything off my face of cos, #baredface ftw! Anyways:) Thebananaparty got an awesome collection coming up this Sunday so do like them HERE to get updates and sneaks!:)) I'm not kidding the collection is going to be awesome^^Lotsa florals coming you way~  I was so tempted to keep alot of pieces!<3

and this is before the shoot :) had a hearty mcdonalds meal:))

part 2 of my cute cousins' crash party! 8D


Bow to me minion!

oh no! my light sabre died D:

oh and here are some rare photos which im wearing my horrible  black specs. My friends say it makes me look intellectual but hey don't judge k XD

heart melting smile! my couz is gonna be a hearthrob in future heh.

his fav face nowadays LOL


omg y so emooo :O

-ignores everybody-

uh huh i got funky headphones!

but it squeezes my cheek fats :OOO

OH so this is wat he was doing... every baby's fav:ELMO ._.

my fav grandaunt!<3

my pretty aunt:D (who trims my brows for me hahaha)

yay group photo!

quick OTD updates!:)

TDC reversible tee in white/pink denim shorts

Just a casual OTD to sunday brunch:) Reviewed the TDC top before in yellow:) Liked it so much that i hunted it down in white/pink:) material is fab, worth every cent^^

Review(Greenpoppies denim shorts): My fav pair of mid wash shorts!!:) quality is superb and just look at the cute gingham checks at the bottom^^ I think its super cute hehe. And the shredded detail is nice too:) I paid less than $30 incld shipping for this so its rly worth it:) I think its alr oos though:O

Swivelle Cross Slits Top in White
LRH Chloe Knightsbridge skirt in Burgundy
Michael Kors Faux Fur Crossbody bag in black

Review(Swivelle cross slit top): Finally got this piece from BO!:) Waited about 5weeks for it.. Actually i had a piece from the original batch, but it had a defect:( Loving this top nonetheless! The strings and cut out details are so prety^^ And there are subtle pleats at the back too:) Very versatile! And if you tuck it out and tie it with the sash(i tied it around the skirt in this case) it looks like a piece off Celine's runway haha. Minus the strings XD Also, Swivelle's CS is awesome;) They refunded me for postage costs+ gave me free reg postage and they reply very fast:) thumbs up!

PS: IM OFFICIALLY A NUFFIE:) Help me click on the ad at the sidebar won't you?;) Pretty please?;D

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