Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sponsored Review: Chaceylove's Lace Overlay Blouse!:)

hi again!:) Am super excited to share with you guys a very pretty piece of apparel from today!:) Its the ever popular Lace Overlay Blouse!;)

Let the pictures do the talking hehe.

made this pic super big so that u can see how gorgeous the lace is!:))

This lace blouse is super versatile! I really like it alot hehe. The lace details are very pretty as well, instantly makes you look more feminine ;) Material is also not very thick, so it is quite cooling, good for our hot and humid weather:) It might be slightly sheer though,but an inner slip will do the trick:) Really, this blouse can go with anything;) If you are an avid fan of lace like me this will be a really great basic to have! ;)

This pretty blouse is currently all sold out on how popular it is!). BUT, the good thing is that there is a backorder for it:) So do head over to chaceylove to find out how you can join the backorder and secure this piece for yourself ;) 

Many thanks to acelyn and pixie lulu again!<3

Stay tuned for more exciting news!^^ 

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