Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fairy Mint~

anneonghaseyo^^ Just finished watching an exciting episode of Dr Jin(new korean drama) :D loving it so far!

You all must have noticed something diff bout my blog layout right?:) Hehe i updated the top bar with a picture from thebananaparty's latest collection:) Love the pictures taken in that collection<3 :)

And something new as well! I updated my profile at the side bar~ Do follow me on INSTAGRAM (@chitinous_cell_wall) :D I think i'm quite active there haha.

oh yeah and my review got posted on Hollyhoque's blog! XD Take a look at it here:)

Nail Polish galore!:) Mostly pastel colours/pinks and peach tones :))

Tadah! Here's my current nail design^^ does it look salon worthy haha? did it myself while waching The Three Musketeers ;)

Pedi design:) The theme is cotton candy if you're wondering!^^

this is supposed to be a ribbon but my cam can't capture it properly:(

some recent loots!:))

The hunger games Mockingjay necklace :) So pretty and vintage-y! A nice bronze colour hehe. Perfect for hunger games lovers!

Pink Lace Swing Skirt from Berskha:) Super pretty but cam can't capture actual colour!

sweet pastel scrapbooking materials i bought at suntec city:) There was 40% off storewide if u spend more than $30, which means u actually only gotta pay $18:) An awesome deal if you ask me ;)

Na, here's the actual address:)

the scrapbook shop has so many pretty displays! I'm going to try to do this house one for father's day:))


Lace Ribbon Camisole from Forever New
TTR Fairylights Fishtail Skirt in Mint
Samantha Thavasa Floral Locket Bag

Thanks to momsie who took these pics for me before we headed out to raffles city and suntec for our girls' day out ;) Love you mom! PS: the photos u take are gorgeous!!

I have reviewed this gorgeous asymmetrical skirt before actually! Its the one in chili red:) You can take a look at it here:) Nonetheless, im loving this skirt! Both red and mint are keepers;) Gives off very different vibes don't you think?:) Red is so street savvy and chic while mint is super sweet:) Wanted the lilac one from TTR's latest collection but decided that 2 asymmetrical skirts are enough XD

my F21 necklace!:) & Pastel belt from wonderlust:)

oh and another one of my recent loots: this gorgeous floral top from Dorothy Perkins:)) Momsie bought it for me<3

Stay tuned for Bella Stilo's second post!:) It'll be a gorgeous one as well<3 :) Remember to follow me on instagram k! hehe :)

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