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Hello guys!:)) 
Back to share with you all really awesome stuff ;)
Introducing... EPICFAS! :)

Epicfas carries a wide range of accessories! From necklaces, rings, belts, earrings to bags, cool specs and more :) Oh yes and they have apparels too so do check it out:) Their designs are pretty as well( you have assurance from me heh). Oh and pricing is really reasonable! :) Mostly range from $4-$12 :) Below are some of my fav designs!

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And here i'm wearing their Vintage Ruffles Necklace:) Such a lovely bronze-gold piece! And versatile as well<3 <3 My new fav necklace of the moment!

so yups! Visit EPICFAS now!:) And rmb if you quote "Felicia", you can get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE:)

and now for more reviews and lately happenings! :) Heh heh firstly i think its quite obvious that i got a haircut :) Actually i just wanted a trim but it became bangs so oh well:) I think it looks alright so nvm XD

alright so a few posts back i said smth unlucky happened to me right>< Well, on the way to malaysia(at the super jammed customs actually), my dad's car broke down -_- and it was quite bad.. so me and bro got down the car and pushed the car manually for quite long haha. And people beside us were like "what the crabs are these kids doin?!" Lol cos my bro is like only 11._. big age gap i know. and then my dad said the car's "fan" spoiled.. and he got a twig(?!) from the roadside and used it to twirl the fan manually haha. so we could move to the customs where we got some help from the officers. Scorching hot day it was >< Anyways im pretty sure i'm one tone darker already haha. It was a good experience though, must have such real life incidents to really make you aware that there is still much to learn if you want to survive in te real world haha. 

in the tow truck!

daddy's car literally on the tow truck. 
ok enough about the car breakdown haha. Here was my OTD:)

Missypixie Rose Skater Dress (under their Willow Label)

Review: A very pretty shade of pink!:)) Am totally loving this piece because of the colour ;) I think it suits my skin tone:) Some other shades like nude pink tend to look dull on me :/ Anyways, the material is jersey cotton which is rly stretchy and comfy:) But after washing + hanging on the hanger for too long, i think it might sag abit/lengthen. So probably folding this piece would be better, can keep it in mint condition longer :) Overall its worth my $28, comfy material and pretty shade!

wearing my floral sunnies happily (before the car broke down LOL)

Accessorize satchel!

messy hair me and coussie with alot of braids sticking out oh her head( she loved the look lol!)
oh and after we got towed back to JB, things got much better ^^ Cos we had Korean BBQ for dinner!! Awesome ttm >) My fav korean bbq restaurant<3

le aunt and grandma!

bulgogi -so yummy!!!-

ramen! Tastes really really awesome! Much better than it looks lol:)

oh yes this is totally random but here's a review for TTR's Sunbeams Dress in Nude pink:) Cos their launch is tonight so i thought it'll help!:)

Review: Quite a sweet shade of pink, more true to the second pic:) Some ppl might find it slightly dull though! Has adjustable straps and smooth inner lining:) Of cos the crotchet sunbeams detailing is super pretty:) Oh it comes with a matching sash as well though its elasticized at the waist:) There is pastel blue, lilac and white as well:) imo the blue looked nicest:) White is super pretty too but i have too many white dresses so :/ Anyway hope this is useful to those who are camping for the launch!:)

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