Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Feeling Feminine ;)

Whee~ Exciting news to share today!:)

I'm officially a blogger for! :)) Do head over to blogshopbuzz to read the latest fashion articles, style tips and special deals!:) Blogshop owners can also request for their items to be reviewed by blogshopbuzz's exclusive group of bloggers(me included hehe) ^^ Do like them on their facebook group here ;)

Oh yes you can check out my blogshopbuzz profile here as well;)
So yups, went k-boxing with my classmates last week:) It was pretty awesome haha.
Quotes boss Sijia:"Yeah man we gonna bring the party down!!-zi high-"  LOLOL why my friend so funny one XD

ok my OTD of the day!:)
HVV Lois Chiffon Tank in Puce
H&M Brown Suede Tassel Belt
Valleygirl Crotchet and Lace Skirt (Aussie Brand)<3

upclose of the tank, spot the pretty rose gold metal plate!

paired it with my wine red hairband and denim bag:)
Review of HVV Tank: One of my most worth it buys from HVV, only costing $21.50 mailed:)) Puce is definitely my choice cos its a pretty rose pink:) Though slightly dull, i still think the colour is very sweet and easy to pair with:) Can be considered a neutral imo:) And of course the pretty gold metal collar jazzes up the tank;) Its sewn on pretty well, but still have to hand wash definitely:) Oh and the tank alone is super sheer, but hvv provides a matching inner tank(in this case a pink inner slip) so it becomes non sheer:) And the puce colour is not overridden:) A very good buy from hvv is you ask me;) Though quality not fab but i love it design+price wise ;D

And the moment i alighted from the taxi and walked into raffles city... 
Forever New was having massive sales!! ><
so i couldn't resist and walked in, which i'm glad i did cos i bagged awesome deals :D
Like this white classy wallet/clutch which cost $19.95 after discount!:) Was $40 before discount;) Yay to a new wallet! My old Le Sucre one was peeling off (literally-_-)

pretty clasp!
oh and i bought other hair accessories as well but didn't take pic of it:O 

Yups here's us in the kbox room! All high and singin!

oh and we saw some cute soft toy machines! 
Featuring... Despicable Me Minions >)

& alot of My Melody-s:) 

& My fav Sugarbunnies<3<3

heh heh they had llamas too! My friend Syl was soo fascinated by them haha. Her nickname is llama thats why ;)

fluffy bear! & Kimmy's hand photobombing us haha

my choir buddy Caiwen!:)

oh and we were randomly walking around and decided to bowl 0.0

na, here's the (in)famous boss sijia haha

as u can see we r kinda lousy at bowling!! but the people beside us best, they bowl until the ball went out of their lane and into ours hahah. it rolled across those orange pillars! (WIN) XD

syl! :))

yup:) ok actually i received alot of loots recently but not time to review all so here's a few first:)

HVV Sunset Lace Dress in Pale Blue, XS

Review: Really my best buy from HVV ever!! This is my fav lace dress thus far<3 The cutting and sizing is perfect for me(i took XS) :) The colour is really sweet as well, not quite minty, more of a light baby blue:) The lace details are intricate as well, with smooth inner lining:) Really am so impressed with this piece:) Go joi n BO if you haven't !:))

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  1. hey babe do let me know if you are ever going to sell your hvv sunset lace dress :)