Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Thoughts! :D

:) smiley! I will become a more positive person and start off my post(and day) with a smile haha :) I think a positive attitude does wonders.;) I've become so efficient today (studies wise) just by thinking happy thoughts lol. Someone should praise me hahaha! I spent my whole saturday mugging for organic chemistry and polymerization and whatnot :) Just so i can spend a day off with dear momsie tml before mugging again on Monday. Usually i'll just say it straight-exams suck. But its ok i've decided to just get it over with.

Anyways!:) Today there's not much happening since i've been at home practically the whole day~ Just random thoughts: How do celebrities have such nice manicures AND wear coloured contacts and the same time? O.O i mean of cos it possible to have those at the same time, but how do they remove their contacts if they got long nails haha XD Something random i've always wondered about but still don't have the answer! Someone should enlighten me hahaha. If my nails are like 3mm longer than usual i'll feel as if they're scratching my cornea already lol. XD




seems very impossible to me haha. 

My whole family are foodies( major food lovers) so we love trying new stuff! ;) Went exploring again yesterday and ended up at Newton!:) This place is like a mixed bar, they have wine, alcoholic drinks etc. Food wise they have Thai, Western, Italian:) Quite a good selection! Esp loving their ice cream >D looks good huh!

hawaiian +salmon pizza @$12 for small size. :)

happy saturday everyone! :) :) :) Am gonna scoot off for a diy mani now ;) this is why i love the holidays hahah!

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