Thursday, 14 June 2012


 hey everyone!:)) I'm finally blogging about my USS trip haha! So slow i know XD

TVD Polka Embossed Blouse in Mint
LB Sander Shorts in White, XS
Flower Clips from Accessorize

Shall squeeze in a short review of both items!^^

TVD: Bought this blouse from a few collections ago, finally had a chance to wear it out :)! I'm so glad i chose mint instead of white cos it really is much more unique and fresh :)) Loving the colour alot! And the "polka dots" are actually small strands of thread which forms a circular shape, quite nice i think:) Different from the usual printed dots:) A very lovely and casual piece:) Worth the buy!<3

LB: I have been looking for a pair of white shorts since idk when! Its super hard to find one thats flattering:( I hardly wear shorts cos it makes me look fatter haha. But this pair of shorts really is awesome! Its my most flattering pair of shorts<3 Love the cutting and the luxe material:) Though it may be slightly hot for our weather, i really love this pair of shorts<3 If only lb manufactured it in pastel colours!^^ Worth the buy overall;) Oh yes, sizing fits me well with slight allowance:) I'm wearing XS:)

Now on to the pics taken during USS!:)) 

my aunts and cousins:))

with my older cousin Kayleigh!

Elmo haven! For kids maybe haha


the cup is so cute!! But ex haha

foolin around 8D

some performance:) They were actually quite good!

my litte cousin's $12 hand art:) Or was it $10?._.

hello brother.

madagascar merry go round!


cute pufferfish on le ceiling :D

Shrek's fairytale castle:) Pictures do look much nicer in sunlight:) But it was rly hot -_-

Ice cream!! $2.50 though hahaha

some princess display:O

corndogs! The bread wasn't too tasty 0.0

yay i love my shrek ears >D $7.90 hehe.

my cousin's fiona ears:) Its $16.90 omg, so overpriced! I'd rather get the shrek ones >D

OK not the most glam pic XD Eating turkey leg:) Super tasty omg, a must eat at USS!

some water stunt show, pretty cool8D

pretty space galactic themed floor:)

LOL read the captions! 

here's my alien look. Very befitting right!

me and kayleigh got bracelets:) But i nv take pic of it :/

friendly staff engraving our bracelets!

tried the transformers 4D ride:) Quite fun but i got dizzy... -lousy-

so cuteeee:)

even kitkat in uss looks nicer!



oh here are some pics my talented cousin kayleigh took:) She's an arts student:) LOL she anyhow take the pics also turn out so pretty<3 Loving the pics!

tiring day today! Whole day of rehearsal for musical >< Hope you guys enjoyed the USS post!! Oh yes, do read my review on Chaceylove's lace blouse here if you haven't ;))

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