Tuesday, 26 June 2012


hey!:) Quick pictorial update cos i'm rushing out a paper><

Awesome cupcakes! Went shopping with momsie and just happened to see these pretty cupcakes!
Twelve cupcakes just opened another store at bugis junction, bought 3 flavours! Couldn't resist since i was passing by ;) Thumbs up!!

recent ribbon loots from minkin(thats the name i tink) @ cineleisure second level!:) I get my hairties from there most of the time ;)

mango grass jelly dessert @ 313 somerset!<3 craving for some now:((

getting my sushi fix >) Haha i realised i've been eating alot! 

Tempura!! Drools~

Backdated reviews from kissjane!:)

Amber Avenue Peplum Skirt

Review: Lovely prints! Preferred white base over black:) Material is structured, good quality:) And the peplum design is flattering too:) there have been so many blogshops selling peplum stuff but i haven't bought any cos i thought it looks too corporate-ish for me:( Pretty piece though;)

Amber Avenue Upcoming Eyelet Pleated Dress(White)

Review: One of my fav tries at kissjane:)) The eyelet at the neckline is so gorgeous<3 and i like the pleats as well!:)) But i think the length is too long for me:( And the lining is shorter than the dress and i dont like that :/ So gave it a miss~ I think it'll look rly nice on taller girls though!:) 

Amber Avenue Lace Blouse in Lilac (launched)

Review: I like this colour best out of the other choices:) Lilac is an 'in' colour now hehe. The lace is intricate, material of blouse is good as well, rather cooling:) Oh yes this piece is really a dead ringer for the warehouse one!! which is priced at $79 i think, so if you like the warehouse one this one will be a good buy for you:) But i gave it a miss cos of the slightly pouf sleeves.. Did i mention that i cant stand anything that is poofy at the shoulders?>< It really doesn't suit me ://

lighting was good! <3<3 (pre haircut haha)

oh yes did you guys see my prev post for EPICFAS?:) If not check it out here! I think they just restocked some new items! oh yes some of you have been asking me where to find the bird connector ring that i featured for epicfas:) Its under the category "ring" then "connector rings" :)! Here's a direct link for u guys: click me!

oh yes, and remember to QUOTE "FELICIA" FOR FOC NORM POSTAGE:)! good day everyone! 

PS: I have just remembered about my formspring acct! Formspring me @ felliethamct96 or check out my formsping tab at the side bar:)

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