Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bella Stilo: Eversweet Florals

Hello everyone!:) Today will be the second entry of Bella Stilo ;) And yes i'm sure all of you can guess from the pic below that today's theme will be FLORALS ;)
Cream Clutch i used for the shoot + floral swatch!
Lilypirates Sugar and Spice Dress in Peach Florals
Cream Buckle Clutch
Cream Heels (from Tangs)
White Flower Hair Accessory (from Diva)

Florals are undeniably one of the prints that never go out of date:) I think its safe to say that every girl should invest in a floral piece, whether  it is a dress, skirt, top or even shorts. This print is one of the most versatile ones which instantly make you look sweeter, or add a touch of femininity ;) But do note that different hues can give off very different feels though, so do opt for the one which flatters you the most:) Sweet hues like pink, cream and peach gives a feminine vibe. Whereas darker tones like rust feels more vintage and retro. Also like polka dots, the size of the floral prints does matter as well! To flatter your own height and size it is crucial to choose the correct size:) For petite girls, small to medium prints would be good, whereas for taller girls, larger prints would be more flattering :)

Tip: Try mixing different floral hues and prints for a modern feel! You can try the trend in many different ways: Hair accessories, bags, shoes and even on your nails:)

Thats all for this floral special!:) Hope you enjoyed it and continue to support the Bella Stilo series ;)

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