Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review: HVV Dove Beaded Dress in Black

just a short post today!:) received my hvv dove beaded dress in black from BO:) Loved the magenta piece so i decided to join BO for this dress^^

Review: Actually i already did a review for this for the magenta piece here :) so i'll just do a comparison with the magenta one since this one is a BO piece:) Okay, for the black one, the elastic waistband is tighter, can feel the difference cos its quite obvious. I mean its still stretchy but it just feels tighter whereas the magenta one was loose for me~ length wise is slightly shorter which i think is better cos it fits my height ^^ Quite a classy piece overall, perfect for special occasions like a friend's birthday party or wedding dinners!:) 

ok just a little rant, singpost has been quite slow lately boo:( items that has been mailed out last thursday up till now i still haven't receive yet :( and its not even festive period! singpost why you no deliver fasterrrr~
haha ok end of rant. 

on a random note i have been really addicted to Toblerone chocolate lately! I mean since a long time ago i have been a fan of it but recently im like super in love with it (Y). The nougat pieces are so awesome<3 so far the only chocolate i have been slightly(ok quite) obsessed with are godiva's white pearl chocolate, dove's milk chocolate and this one heh. Chocolate releases endorphins and makes people happy!such a joyous piece of thing ok i have been really random today! kthnxbye :) looking forward to saying TGIFTGIFTGIF tml!!!

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