Friday, 20 April 2012

Bellabox April Review!

Received my first bellabox on wed!:) It came in a pink sturdy box for protection as seen in the second pic:) So far i'm loving this subscription! Will elaborate more on that later ;) Here's the light beigey pink box used to contain all the products:) Can be used as a storage/jewellery box as well ;)

Quite pretty packaging:)

& here are some of the detailed cards that came in the box explaining how to use each product etc:) This month's box also came with a $5 lemongrass house voucher!(its located @313 somerset btw) & also a Benefit Brow Bar Special Promotion Voucher:)! Its a one for one promotion voucher which is of quite good value as a normal brow grooming session at benefit would probably cost around $25 already:) (Acc to my mum at least haha)

Products(Left to right):
Enavose H20 Black Tea Quench Mask
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer
Lemongrass house lavender shower gel
2X Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink

I would say that bellabox is really one of the best for value beauty boxes!:) For $18 it includes reg postage, lots of different brands(high end included!) and the products are really good:) Really loving this box hehe. I think as compared to Vanity Trove, it is better for value and faster delivery:) But Vanity Trove's physical box is of better quality haha and the packaging is slightly nicer:) I like both boxes though! Can't wait for my April Vanity Trove to arrive:) 

Texture of Ahava Moisturizer:
Very lightweight, has a subtle scent and absorbs easily! Thumbs up ;) Though i wouldn't say that its super moisturizing so people with dry skin might want to opt for a heavier/richer moisturizer:)

Kinohimitsu collagen drink:) It was all bubblewrapped in the previous picture so here's a close up pic of it!:) I tried one bottle already and it taste ok:) Like sweet fruit blackberry +apple juice ^^ 

Texture of hydrating mask:
Haven't tried this product on my face yet, only tried it on my hand:) It has a very light scent which is not overpowering at all:) After 10-15 minutes my hand felt smoother and radiant, more velvety as well:) I think its quite a nice product for hot days cos its slightly cooling as well! :)

& specially for my readers, here is a giveaway for the Benefit Brow Bar Special Promotion Voucher!:) Simply leave a comment with your email and say " I want to win the Benefit Brow Bar Special Promotion Voucher!" and thats it! :) I'll pick the winner at random and she'll be contacted via email:) 

Happy Weekends everyone!

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