Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pastry Loves + Review on TTR's Victorian Lace Top (creme), Lacepipe fringe dress, HVV Pois Asym Tunic:)

Nooo its sunday again!! :( time really flies at the speed of light recently >.< I did't really enjoy my weekends cos it was spent studying on pollution in china... and redox reactions ._." hmm ok but anyways i had good meals this weekend! BUT i didnt take pics this time cos i was too hungry to bother XD some foodies i managed to snap:

Crystal Jade Strawberry Mantou (lol its strawberry flavoured!)

Crystal Jade Easter bunny cheese cake:) major cuteness!

The Icing Room Berry Cake (looks pretty but tastes rly meh. and its pricey ><) LOL spot spongebob @ the bottom!


oh and anyways i managed to join BO for mgg's tee time top in nude pink!:) (Y) actually i really wanted the lilac one but then i saw reviews and the colour is so not true to mgg's pic :( disappointed! And many thanks to veronica for answering my enquiry about the colour of the tee time top:) so i confidently sent in my order for nude pink! (YYY)

OTDs for Saturday + some reviews!

Sat's OTD:
Lacepipe Fringe Pleated Dress in Cream
Washed Denim Barrel Bag

Review: First item i bought from Lacepipe since they upgrades to a .sg!:) Am very much in love with this piece, no kidding! A very unique piece, gives off a very "runway" feel ;) and the fringe drapes very nicely(as seen in the 3rd pic) Banded at the waist so it'll fit most sizes :) Lovely shade of cream as well, goes with any colour ^^ The only downside is that the pleats are kinda hard to iron so there might be creases. But still i love this piece alot! It'll be one which never dates ;)

HVV Pois Asymmetrical Mini in Black 

Review: One of my fav pieces from HVV to date:) A classy and elegant piece with well sewn embellishments! Chiffon material is pretty good too, drapes nicely ;) i tried wearing it with a belt and i think it looks nicer w/o the belt. But thats just my preference cos some people might think that it'll make them look fat w/o the belt. But i think the shape is nice and flowy w/o the belt^^ Madly in love with the embellishments, rly pretty! Only point i can pick on is that the length is abit short, for those who are more conscious tights and a suede black wedge would go very nicely imo!:) A good buy as well!:)

TTR Victorian Lace Blouse in Creme

Review: A staple piece for all season! I got it in the most versatile colour so it'll be easy for pairing ;) Workmanship is really quite commendable, lace details are not like the usual, this one has swirly designs! Gives off a very luxe feel imo ;) And there is inner lining as well so its non sheer and doesn't scratch the skin:) Comfort is v impt! Can see why this piece is so popular and why people are still sourcing for it:) A very good buy for me! 

ok end of reviews heh XD Really lucky and glad that all my buys this week are awesome:) Mad love all the pieces! Oh yes before i forget... THANK YOU DEAR READERS for your kind support!!:) After posting my sales/selling post on this space i managed to sell about 10-12 items within a few days:) Thank you all for the support once again! ^^ Have a lovely Sunday! :)

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