Sunday, 8 April 2012

TCL Lipsy Pipeline Skirt in Cream

hey all!! :) anyone got the monday blues? i dont have it this week (Y) cos i received some loots today and exams(60% of it technically) is over as of today! -fist pumps!-

side braided pony:) sry im not very inventive with my hairstyle lol cos im a lazy pok XD

oh yes and here is the review of TCL's Lipsy Pipeline Skirt in Cream,S, which i didn't manage to rush out yesterday evening cos i had to go to my grandma's house:) Am eating the super yummy tau hua my dear grandma bought! <3 how can anything taste so good!! hahaha

Review on TCL Lipsy Pipeline Skirt in Cream: 
loving the contrast details! for the cream one the contrasting colour is coral pink:) super pretty! and material is good as well, though it seems like it will crease rather easily. i took S for this piece and its kinda loose for me at the waist so XS would probably be a better fit:) length wise is ok though!:) overall quite a versatile piece!:)

oh yes and i bought this mango sago dessert at 满记甜品@bugis:) hope i got the name right! Its located next to the taxi stand ;) I love desserts! More than staple food/snacks :) i tink its my fav 'genre' of food hehe. Anyways the dessert at this shop is quite ok:) i always buy the mango sago or the black sesame one:) Wish there was more dessert shops in spore though! Quite hard to find outstanding ones :( 

ok im like super happy today cos two more papers just ended! Freedom!!!-till next wk that is-.. Bio was a killer paper and i tink im pretty screwed for that one. but oh well we'll see how it goes.. oh yes and i received more loots today! hopefully can review them soon :) Esp loving the TTR Victorian Lace Top ^^ !

(horrendous) FACIAL:

ok so some of u may know that i had a facial a few days ago._. omg it was rly quite scary... the first 15 minutes anyway ._. actually the back massage and cooling masks and stuff were totally ok, quite relaxing actually. But then before all those nice things came in, there was the 'deep cleansing' part which was SUPER painful! the beautician used some tool to poke at my skin and squeeze out the tiny whiteheads >< i don't really have problems with pimples currently but have quite a few whiteheads on my nose which isn't v obvious but am rly stubborn to remove!

 I was cringing throughout the whole painful process and clenching my teeth and screaming inside._. but when the beautician was done she was like, "哦,弄好了,你刚才在睡觉啊?" and i was like totally trolled cos i was definitely not sleeping lol! so painful ma ._. im gonna make this facial thing once every 4 months so that i don't have to suffer so much pain haha. ok im gonna go change my iphone from black to white now! will talk bt that soon haha XD annyeong!

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