Monday, 23 April 2012

O Cards and Macaroon Delights~

continued post from yesterday!:) Went window shopping after the ramen feast:) Still craving for more ramen now though i had shaker fries and a mc sundae >.< fat day!!

Anyways i saw this whole rack of pretty cards at Times bookstore<3 i remember this used to be my fav brand of cards when i was younger heh. My mum always says that i'm very horrible, so young alr know how to pick out expensive brands lol. These series of cards are so pretty but so ex $6-7! Just look at it lor, look don't need money de ^^ Don't know why today i'm in such a singlish mood heh. XD

Lovely notebooks! Resisting the urge to buy cos i have lots of notebooks already><

Yups so anyways me and my mum got 'sucked' into sasa cos there was a sale going on XD being girls we love sales and face products haha:) so my mum got some japan collagen drink and i got these:\
Bear eye mask
Biore makeup remover(wipes)

this bear eye mask was raved by tammy from so i decided to try it:) will review it when i've actually had the chance to use it:)

here's how the wipes look like:

details of e bear mask:) It retails at $12.90 btw:)

yups and i got some 3D textured flowers for scrapbooking and cards:) And a pack of pastel blue ribbons for nail art!:) So cute<3 

& momsie bought delifrance macaroons! So far its my fav brand of macaroon:D haven't tried canele's one though! Maybe that one is better :)

oh and mum  bought cleo magazine and i was flipping though when i saw Velda from Love,Bonito! haha on her blog she mentioned that she's gonna be a kotex ambassador but still it was quite :O when i saw this advert! Its really cool anyways hehe

ok bye! :) No monday blues today for me! cos exams are over (YYYYYY)

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