Monday, 16 April 2012

Lovemore Masks ;)

hi everyone! In a good mood today cos 2 more papers are over!!! -fist pumps- haha found some cute 9gags again:) Don't you just love these cute memes? hahah XD
SO TRUE! I like the flingy hand in the last pic hahahah XD
oh yeah! I'm finally gonna review these masks after buying them a few months back XD I mean i have been using them every week/a week and a half but i was just lazy to review heh. I koped this pic from my first entry! Just realised that my first every entry in this blog was sharing of these super cute masks (Y)
I love sanrio!:)

 Used the purple one for this review:) There are 4 colours inside i think:) Orange, Purple, Pink and Green:)

Unglam masking process! I wonder if anyone actually looks okay when applying masks XD maybe xiaxue haha! Her masks photos are alot nicer than most people's XD

Review: Mixed reviews about this mask series! Packaging definitely a plus though:) Scent wise its okay, not too strong, there is parfum(which is not v good) but its percentage is very little!:) And i think nowadays most products have fragrance/parfum :/ I actually find it abit weird that the diff colour masks have different qualities, for me at least! The green one(mint, for control of oil +purifying) isn't so good i think. The effects aren't noticeable for me. But the pink one (whitening+ brightening) is really good! One of the best whitening+brightening ones i have used so far:) Cos for this one i can actually see the effect and my skin feels moisturized till the next morning ;) Thumbs up for the pink one! I wouldn't highly recommend this mask set or anything cos i don't find it superbly good, but if you are a fan of sanrio(or my melody) and you wanna take a risk on the green one, then you can buy it!:) The purple and orange are actually ok too :)

here's a sneak peak for whats coming up soon!:)

Can you guess what is coming up? No prizes for correct ans! hahah XD

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