Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kissjane loots+ Day out in Bugis:)

hi!! this will be a short quick rushed update >< do pardon!

OTD: TTR Citylights Maxi Skirt in Cerulean Teal, S
Lipsyditsy Floral cropped bralet

Short review of both items!
Review(TTR): Major love this maxi!! The colour is super unique and material is flowy and weighted(don’t need to worry about skirt flying lol). Pairs super well with a lot of tops and doesn’t crease easilyJ bought it from a super nice buyer from ttr’s forum and its worth every cent I paid for!(~$27 )  J

Review(Lipsyditsy): material wise not so good, made of rather thin cotton. Has a smocked back so fit is quite okJ the prints and colour are super pretty though! Makes up for the not so good material haha. I paid around $25 for this so I tink its kinda steep(as compared to lrh’s bustiers which is made of much better material). But the prints are really lovely and easy to match so ok not much complainsJ

closeup of both items:

and of cos when you go bugis, must stop by... KISSJANE :)!
love that they give environmentally friendly bags so that ppl can reuse!:)

kissjane loots:
TTR Citylights Maxi in Creme, XS
Pale Yellow Embroidery dress (didnt notice which brand sry!)
TCL Lipsy Pipeline Skirt in Cream, S

super sweet pastel yellow dress! so spring/summer feel dont you think?;) and lovely embroidery details so i think its a must get ^^


loved the teal one so i was really happy when they had the creme piece in kissjane! last piece somemore XD so lucky! i tink S sold out rly fast so they were only left with XS but it fits me well as too so yay:)

oh and shoes of the day! jade blue wedges:)

thanks for looking! bye!


  1. hi babe, can i know whr do u get the jade blue wedges from? im intd, thanks! :)

    1. hi:) i got it from a spree:) most of my items i get from spree, if you are interested in getting the same wedges you can email me at and i'll see what i can do for you:)