Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review: Amelie Anne Summer Lace Dress in White, Lollyrouge Stellar Constellation Top + Ramen Feast!

hi guys!:) Some of you may have known from bestofshopping.lj that i waited 2 weeks for my amelie anne parcel and was worried it was lost mail>.< Well, thank goodness its not:) I finally received this super sweet +angelic dress 2 and a half weeks later! Singpost is reaaaaallly slow tsk ><

upclose pics: 

As u can see its kinda sheer:O

Pretty Pretty lace and rose details!

Review of Amelie Anne Dress: Such a pretty piece omg! Totally didn't regret spending ~$27 on this:) Its sweet and casual, can wear for almost any occasion (Y) The details are the best part, just look at the upclose pics and u can see how pretty the details are^^ Material wise its light and cooling:) But top part is def sheer, white/nude undergarments will solve this, no problem.:) There is inner lining at the bottom part though, so its not sheer :)  Overall im really loving this dress! :D heh i realise i really have a thing for white lace dresses <3

Next up, lollyrouge stellar constellation top from BO! Waited for this piece for about 4-5 weeks :O Its worth it though!

Upclose of well done stitching!:)

Review of lollyrouge top: A perfect bohemian piece heh:) Its made of chiffon with inner layer so its not rly sheer:) Lightweight as well:) But of course the stitching and design is the most unique part right:) The workmanship is really dae bak(awesome) as can be seen from the closeup:) Its not those kind that'll the threads will come loose easily. And this is white so its good for easy pairing:) For the pics above i paired it with lacepipe's blue organza skirt btw:) Loving this item as well!:) As you can see im not a fussy buyer at all heh.

Saturday~~ Went to Plaza Sing cos my dad needs to set up some starhub thing :O So we had lunch there as well:) Look at my pretty momsie :) She doesn't look old at all right haha

& here's my bro who is getting rly fat ._. Like seriously he can finish the whole portion of steak, salmon and chicken(see below).. Huge appetite! & he'll growl at you if you ask for some of his food LOL

my seafood ramen!:) Scallop and crabmeat and squiddy goodness ^^ I really love Ajisen's ramen! Fav ramen ever (Y)

 i ordered a set meal so it came with an ala carte dish too:) Had a craving for gyoza! yummy:)

my dad and bro's food, both meat lovers :O Look at the amount of meat omg._. And fries. 

well ok tomorrow i have a last paper! Wish me luck :)) kthanksbye!

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