Monday, 2 April 2012

Pastel Confections and Pillowy Soft Goodness

annyeonghaseyo! :) today will be a backdated sunday update!

oh yea first things first, my cbox has expired ._." im rly quite dumbfounded by this cos i have only been using  it for 2 months! i think now i have to pay if i want to continue the cbox or maybe its just some internal error... i'll try again sometime this week>< in the meantime if u have any questions or whatnot a comment would be fine:)

ok so on Sunday my dad decided he was craving for some dim sum, and so we went to Victor's Kitchen!:)
its quite famous as you can see from the poster thingy below:) featured in Simply Her(magazine) for its salted egg custard bun!<3 its really really good! so i would recommend you guys to try it:) Its super rich and the taste is rly marvellous, just slightly on the oily side. Oh yes its rly affordable too:) my family of 5 stuffed ourselves (we ordered about 11-12 dishes!) and the bill came up to about $46 :O My dad was very pleased haha he says its his new fav dim sum place!

outfit of the day!
MNG pastel pink satchel
Dressabelle Tiered Shoulder Dress in Mint (colour is true to this picture, not pics below)

decided to try pairing it with another strappy clutch of mine, but decided to go with the MNG one in the end ^^

short review of the dress:)

Review: Material is chiffon, of okay quality:) has inner lining so its non sheer at all:) comes with a matching sash too which is v useful! oh yes and the tiers/pleated details at the shoulders are nicee:) overall i think that $28.50 for this dress is slightly overpriced, around $25 would be better:) but i rly like the colour(am in love with pastels!) so i think its worth it!:)
some of you requested to see the upclose of my coloured lenses so here you go!:)
its really quite a subtle brown i feel:)

happy tuesday everyone!
PS: i changed my iphone cover! see if u can spot it in the pictures above heh XD its red and white polka dotted:) auntie bought it for me while she was shopping at kate spade lol XD oh and i love that fluffy thing which i hanged on my phone as a new bouncy accessory<3 (Y)

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