Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April Accessories Haul Pt 1 :D

It tuesday guys! No monday blues eh?:) anyways did u guess what this post was going to abt from the sneak pic in my previous entry? XD 
the ans is an accessory haul!:) 

Here's what i got from the haul:
Gold Chain Hairband
Pearl Hairband
Runway Inspired Metal Haircuff
Ribbon Crystal Earrings
Gold Ribbon Swarovski Earring
Snow Furry Handphone pouch <major love!! finally a hp pouch (Y) :D
Floral border stickers for scrapbooking
& Essie Nail Polish in Borrowed and Blue

Loving all the items from the haul!:) Esp the fluffy hp pouch:) been looking for a cute pouch since idk when! Finally found such a fluffy one (YYY) Its so flufffy im gonna die! -quotes cute girl in despicable me- oh! anyone watched the preview for despicable me 2 btw? the minions are so duperly adorable aww :) 

This haul has been one of the most fruitful ones so far with all items major love+ total cost not ex cos i redeemed lotsa credits :) pt 2 coming up tml! Super tired today cos of long choir prac! 

oh and i painted my nails with the Essie polish!:) Shall post pics of it soon:) Byeee

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