Friday, 27 April 2012

Sponsored Review: Hello Blogshop!

hello!! so sorry i haven't updated since wednesday>< Been really busy with school and upcoming choir concert! Its gonna be a blast (YYY) So anyways, today i'm going to introduce a new blogshop to you guys!

Helloblogshop kindly sponsored me the item below( Peterpan Collar Blouse) to review!:) Many thanks to the lovely owner Jayce once again!:) 

Review: This blouse is really prints madness!:)) The prints are superly adorable ^^ Gives off such a dainty/korean feel doesn't it?;) Material is quality chiffon:) Its very lightweight and cooling for Singapore's hot weather!:) Though its long sleeved but its really alright for our weather:) And another of my favourite part is the navy collar of course ;) so cute right! I'm a huge fan of collars cos they really bring the outfit to another level:) Last but not least, helloblogshop's prices are very wallet-friendly! Most of their items are priced at around $16-$20 :) Such a good deal isn't it?^^ Anyways i showed my mum this top and she said its very nice! Which is rare cos she hardly says my clothes are nice hehe.

Do join their mailing list for more updates and promotions! And normal postage is free,always ;) 
To add on, they are having a promotion now! 
Get $3.00 discount if you purchase 2 pieces.
Get $5.00 discount if you purchase 3 pieces. :)
& you can visit their blog for more updates and behind the scenes! ;) Do hop over and take a look^^


Wheeee some new pictures to update! 
I got new specs heh :) Cos my old one broke :'( But its okay, i've been using the old one for about 5-6years anyway. Time for a change! Iwas very skeptical at first to choose anything non frameless + not white, cos i'm really not used to dark specs! I've been wearing frameless ones for as long as i can remember!

So how? Does it look ok?XD my bro says i look like a nerd ._. oh brothers. >< Just gotta say mean stuff ._." its like their full time job to annoy me hah. But anyways i'll be wearing contacts most of the time except for at night when i'll wear specs:)

oh ya i saw this advert in a magazine!:)) HUSH PUPPIES+ANNA SUI's awesome collaboration wheee :)
so that means it'll be comfort+design :D double awesome! i wonder where they stock these pretty shoes at, maybe big departmental stores? :/ 

haha okay i'll update again soon:) Hope the pics were sufficient!

PS: Dear Rachel Sim, you have won the benefit promotion card!:) Do drop me an email so that i can send it over to you ^^ Thanks for the participation people!

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