Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: Lollyrouge Chantilly Cupcake Dress

Its Good Friday!:) While enjoying this holiday do remember the meaning of good friday and have a meaningful one!:)

okay just a short post cos i'll be heading out to town later :) Received my lollyrouge loots quite some time ago but procrastinated and thus the overdue review hehe. Other than the Chantilly Cupcake Dress i also got the Hide and Seek dress:) lol the names are super cute XD but i'll just be reviewing the cupcake dress today:) 

here are the pictures from lollyouge(credits to them) :)

look at the pretty textured flower prints!!:) super pretty irl ^^ 

Review: i can only describe this dress as MAJOR LOVE ^^ I bought this dress cos it really resembles a piece from Louis Vuitton's spring summer collection with all the whimsical florals and broderie anglaise :) A very feminine piece and workmanship is quite good(for the flowers!) :) Comes with inner lining so its not sheer:) the only downside is that the armhold(as can be seen from e first pic) is slightly big for me so a tube is needed. And the material is slightly hot for Singapore's weather. Yups but the design totally makes up for it so no complains!:) Super love this dress ^^

For your reference, i am a uk4/6 for tops, uk8 for bottoms, 160cm:)

closeup of the flowers:) its really quite well done imo:) all the flowers are created by stitching(threads) and not simply printed on:) mad pretty!^^

i'm not sure if its only me, but i keep thinking that today is Saturday haha XD later after going to town i still have to go for facial which my mum arranged for me ._. she says she saw that there are bumps on my forehead so i have to go for facial to get rid of it >< hope it wont be painful :( i thought facials were supposed to be relaxing but my mum said that "ITS A PAINFUL PROCESS" ._. wow thanks alot mum. haha. ok hopefully everyone else is having a better good friday than me!:) woke up at 7 to do my Biology paper and stayed up till 1+ yst to do my 7500 words essay on public health. But i'm not gonna complain cos this is one of the better situations alr, usually the workload is crazier so yups:)

will update with more otds and stuff soon! bye!:)

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