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Lancome X TANGS Beauty Workshop with Michelle Phan!<3

hello everyone!:D Super excited to share with you guys about the Beauty Workshop i attended recently!:) Thank you to the team at TANGS and Lancome (esp jolene) for inviting me to this workshop! :)

Its organized by TANGS(Vivocity) and Lancome, and the speaker of the day was none other than...

Michelle Phan! :)

I'm sure all of you know who Michelle Phan is, but here is a more detailed intro including snippets you might not have known ;)

Michelle Phan, a 25-year-old American make-up guru, is themost popular makeup artist on YouTube and the official video makeup artist forLancôme, the world’s largest luxury beauty brand. A social media sensation,Michelle recently became the number one “guru” on YouTube, and has the mostsubscribed beauty channel on YouTube.

Michelle is a self-taught makeup artist who transformed herfavourite hobby into something that has inspired people around the world. The popularity of her videos took Michelle by surprise, butshe understands that makeup enthusiasts are eager to learn in an accessible,unintimidating way. “It’s comforting to play a video at home and apply makeupalong the way,” she says. 

Michelle joined the Lancôme team in February 2010 as thebrand’s first-ever video makeup artist. She will be creating special videos,among other responsibilities. Michelle came to Lancôme’s attention because shehad used several of the brand’s products in her videos and the brand was captivatedby her unique approach to the medium. “Lancôme is legendary, so I was shockedwhen they reached out to me,” she says. “I’m very excited about the thingswe’ll be doing together.”

Since then Michelle has created for Lancôme’s fans makeuptutorials ranging from essential “how- tos” with regards to applying foundationand mascara to “step-by-step” help for clubbing, or prom or holiday looks. Shemakes makeup so easy and accessible for all women! :)

More information on Michelle Phan available at

Yups, now moving on to the actual event!~

Lancome's beautiful counter at TANGS(Vivocity) :)

Eyeshadow Quads in very wearable shades, suitable for work/daily use! Rich and long lasting as well.

Some of the special featured items in collaboration with Michelle Phan:
Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara
Ombre Absolue Palette F95
Rouge In Love Mini 132M
Bi-Facil Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

The meet and greet poster:)  There were many who signed up for the workshop, it was full house I think!

Inside the workshop room:) A cosy space with nicely organized facilities like a big TV screen to let participants see how Michelle apply her makeup in a close up version. There were professional photographers too( many thanks to them as well for the nice photo of me and Michelle!) 

see the cables at the back? There was a DJ as well haha!

Here are the products Michelle used for her demonstration:) Mostly eyeshadow as you can see, and featuring their Hypnose mascara and oil based makeup remover:) The look of the day is Dolly Eyes.

and here is Michelle! Starting the workshop with a smile and high levels of energy and enthusiasm!:)
She is showing the participants the different types of brushes to invest in.
Basically, here are the four she mentioned:

 Eyeshadow/blending brush (tapered shape)
Crease Brush
Angled Brush (for definite shapes, cateye etc)
Multi purpose (for highlighting, lining etc)

She mentioned that using sponges/fingers to apply would be okay as well, but using brushes would definitely help if you are trying various looks and going towards a more artistic direction;)

Here is Michelle's makeup model-Tandah! She's super sweet and pretty, I had a nice chat with her before the session :)

Michelle was very nice and encouraging to Tandah who was abit nervous about applying the makeup herself:) In the end Tandah did a really great job as well!

Michelle showing us which shade to use as base~

Oh yes, one point she emphasized was to Dab the product on first, after that then use the brush to blend, that way the colour will stay longer:) 

so cute! high fiving after successful application of the second eyeshadow colour haha ;)
some other tips Michelle gave:
-start from Light colours, then graduate to darker ones for definition
-Matte colours first, the shimmery ones
-Matte colours are good for contouring of eyes to give a 3D effect
-To find where your eye crease it, search for your eye socket
-Elongate the shape of your eyes by applying dark shadows to the outer half only.

Michelle also said that she likes to use a napkin(or tissue as we call it) to prevent the eyeshadow from dropping on her face and to stabilize her hand as well. I think Tandah found that tip useful cos she had shaky hands.

Finishing up the look!

Yups, overall the session was well timed and informative, definitely! Michelle is really talented in the make up field  and her personality is bubbly and outgoing as well. Loved her interactions with the audience and little jokes ;) Wish her all the best for her remaining workshops to be conducted in other countries!<3

Oh yes, did i mention that i saw XiaXue(wendy) and Sophie at the event as well?:) So excited to meet them in real life haha. Wendy is really petite in real life, and nice! She took pics with alot of excited fans haha <3 I like her pink hair xD

and pretty sophie! She is much prettier irl :))) And super tall, even if she's not wearing heels! -envious- And she's super nice as well:))

and finally, a pic with Michelle! Taken by the professional photographers:)) Love this pic alot :))

and now for a giveaway!~ ~ ~

Lancome Products GIVEAWAY:

And now some perks for my readers! A lovely three piece set of Lancome Products for you to win;)
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Overall, I had a really enjoyable time at the workshop and it was very enriching as well! I learnt so much makeup tips that will certainly be useful ;) 
Michelle is not only a talented make up artist, her explanations and demonstrations are clear and concise as well:)
Once again a big thank you to the team at TANGS(esp Jolene!) for inviting me to this event! 
PS: there will be a part 2 to this post!;) Lancome will be sending me some products to review and i'm really excited about it:) Stay tuned!

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