Monday, 9 July 2012


See the title guys? Its Jubilation!! Exams are over (YYYYY) :) Though today's IM2 paper was really hard, i studied for it so i won't feel remorseful when i get back the paper. Anyways its all over! Until oct at least~

Some pretty stuff my friend Cheryl got for me ^^ Loving all the items<3

and some cute sanrio stuff i bought XD I love sanrio super alot heh^^ The llamas are gonna be a gift for my llama friend Syl >)

and a belt my aunt got for me! Its super versatile:) Finally i got a decent black colour belt:))

random food shots while strolling around cold storage for groceries~ (omg i spelled trolling just now haha)

ice creammmmm <3

more ice cream! My fav ice cream is choc chip cookie dough from ben&jerry >)

healthy alternative to snacking: Yogurt and fresh blueberries :)
i'm trying to be on a healthier diet now. have been eating alot of junk food like Mcs :( But these kinda thing doesn't really last too long for me haha. 

omg insanely awesome red bean mochi from japan!:)) btw nic if ur reading this...Thank you for bringing this whole box back for me hahaha. Btw its all gone now, none for snacking during sleepover sryyyy><

i want more mochi!!!>(

and totoro pencil case! My fav pencil case<3 totoro has a v special meaning for me:) special choir moments#

and some reviews!

SMooch Jubilee Embellished Dress in Blue

Review: well, first off, colour is more true to SMooch's website! My cam can't rly capture the pretty shade of blue :/ Though this dress is pricey but it really is gorgeous:) The daisy embellishments are very well done and super pretty irl:) In topshop a similar design would prob retail for much more so this piece is still considered worth it;) I like the blue, very sweet! Material wise is quite good, though i tink vpl still shows abit. Oh and the daisy part can't be ironed so it'll be kinda crumpled on top :/ other than that this dress is quite nice:))

some entertainment for u guys~ 

haha bad son!

hahaha thank goodness i don't do this to my bro! 

alright the beauty post and stuff will be up soon! I'll do them one by one haha:) annyeong~~

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