Friday, 20 July 2012

Minty Buttercup:)

just a short review before i scoot off to msia!

Review: Agneselle Pretty Little Lace Top in Aqua, S
TTR Swish it! Asymmetrical skirt in buttercup, S

AE: This lace top is def worth every cent imo! The lace details are just gorgeous, one of the most intricate ones i have:) and the colour is really sweet and refreshing! Aqua is kinda like mint imo:) It has smooth inner lining and a smocked back to prevent slipping, tried and tested:) Loving all my buys from AE lately, they're def in my top 3 fav blogshops list now :))

TTR: Bought this because of the colour haha, yellow is one of my fav colours now(along with mint) :) This yellow is abit brighter than in ttr's pics, but still a pretty yellow:) Made of chiffon and has smooth inner lining so its non sheer, other than the last 1/4 of the skirt where there isnt lining. Overall a very good buy from TTR as well! It doesnt emphasize the hips too much imo:) 


  1. Hi. What's the fit for ae's lace top for you? I'm thinking of purchase but can't decide whether to get a S or M. I'm around a uk8.. (:

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    2. hey there pls ignore the previous comment! I mixed up the bella top and this one :s For the pretty little lace top, i bought S and it has allowance on me, slightly loose but not to the extent of slipping :) Because of the stretchy band at the back, i think size S will be ok for you:) there is a side zip as well:) But do look at AE's measurements to be safe:)