Thursday, 12 July 2012

Alice in Wonderland!


Sch had a fun event-Be yourself day
we all had themes and had to dress up hehe, of my my class's theme was alice in wonderland! thus the title :)

try guessing what character i am! and try guessing everyone else's too haha, ans will be at end of post!

yipz poking at the ham haha


omg syl why yr face so epic!!

HAHAHA epicface2!

group photo! check out our self made mockingjay on the notice board >)

flowers from ms teo:) sry yipz yr face is cut off :(

the basketball crazy clique haha. i love basketball!

with boss tham>)

So aft sch kiasu us chionged to starbucks for the last day of e 1-for-1 promo! 
syl's treat!

muiz and chay:)

the super awesome green tea with red beans drink!! My new fav starbucks flavour<3 

and becos starbucks had no seat, we had to sit at xinwang ._. and thus we had to order food. this plate of unhealthy mee goreng was totally not worth $8 if you ask me. 

and what i wore for my role:

LB Sander Shorts in White, XS
CWC Kaia Crop Top in White, XS

and the results....

Alice In Wonderland Characters:

White Rabbit: Me and Boss tham
Caterpillar: Syl
Mad Hatter: Yipz
Cards(hearts n spades): Rach
Brown Hare: Muiz

did u get it correct? haha 
i tink mine and syl's roles are the easiest to guess. I lent syl my shrek ears! Dont caterpillars have those antenna thingies? XD 

and a random otd for brunch!

Love Bonito Tadhea Top in Cream
Green poppies shorts

Bought this super long ago! My fav slouchy top<3 Cutting is fab imo and i love the batwing sleeves:) Cream is the safest + most versatile colour so im glad i picked this over black. Material is smooth and soft though easily creased(but not obvious cos its slouchy). And the elastic band is good:) Can wear slightly cropped or longer to cover yr tummy after a full meal. Oh it rides up slightly though.. Still, totally worth the price<3

ok have a good day ppl! today was a tiring one for me><

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