Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pearls and Roses~

:) Have you guys missed Triselle?:) Here's another lovely lace dress Triselle sponsored me with:)

Its a very sweet and dainty lace dress<3 Definitely my style hehe. There is smooth inner lining so its non sheer and the lace are in floral swirls, so pretty! Length is okay for me as well, a little above my knees so its still flattering for a petite me:) And it has a U-back design! Show a little bit of skin haha. Paired it with a weaved brown belt from Love Bonito and Pink satchel from Forever New for a sweet neutral ensemble :) Do drop by Triselle!!:)

some more cupcakes! I can never get enough of the sweet buttery delights from 12 cupcakes ^^ Although it is like v ex($10 for 3), i still am very much in love with it haha. I didn't know that need to add $0.50 for daily special :OO But anyways the flavours featured are Salted Caramel, Espresso and Nutella:)

I really wanted to try salted caramel but my bro ate it eek. 0.0 Espresso was super yums as usual, nutella was good as well, but i prefer espresso ;)


and a pretty bunny paper bag! I got this from bugis street(bought a pair of shoes)

tadah!:) Isn't it lovely?:)) My first pair of wine red shoes! And in doc martens inspired style<3<3
The quality of this pair is rly thumbs up, soft leather feel and very comfy to walk in:) For $25 this is so super worth it! Bugis street will be one of my fav shopping places now haha. A few years back i tried shopping there but it was so crowded that i got lost and had bad memories -_- but i tried again this year and now i love it<3 why the things there so cheap and worth it! super enticing haha. Btw this shoe shop is at lvl 3, abit ulu. And the shopkeeper is a really sweet pri sch girl, very gd CS! (as compared to alot of other shops at bugs street where cs is rly meh.) I'll let u guys know the name of the shop when i rmb k><

gentle sloped heel for extra height!

some accessories i got from bugis street as well! The bottom 3 pearl ones are 3 for $10!!! SO WORTH IT<3

The top 2 rings are 2 for $10, the 3D bronze gold necklace is cough, $31. But its worth it imo, super pretty irl:) 

hehe so cute<3

I realized i only bought shoes+accessories  at bugs street, no clothes at all. Cos i was scared that quality not good:/ i tink i'll stick to online shopping clothes wise:)

Oh, i was trying to get some nice shots to enter Agneselle's instagram competition! But it turned out too dark :/ nvm, next time then enter haha. in this pic i'm wearing their Paris Lace Dress in White btw;)

oh yeah! My aunt has some imported bags in her shop~ Lmk if you guys are int in any of them k! U can ask me for prices:) Email:
but pls dont ask lots of questions then just back out/mia! Its not nice at all><><

Top picks: Bowler bag satchel(first pic, in red and black!)

 2nd fav: Pink oversized satchel<3

A quick review to end this post!:)

Madame Dress from Lace And Ebony

Review: This dress is textured, not sure if you guys can see it in the pics :O Bought this during their sales:)) So i got it at a super steal! $18 ;)) Very happy with this buy! Love this pink and material is good as well, though it is textured there is smooth inner lining and its not prickly:) Only downside is that it is a bit short, 30" if im not wrong :O 

wore out my new wine red shoes! yay :D Love this outfit pairing hehe.

have a good day ppl~~ :))

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