Friday, 13 July 2012

Swinging Swallows~

^^ Its friday! Super tiring week for me >< Esp due to the musical, the hours are crazy :(

Anyways, i did a sponsored review for Jolly Femelle on blogshop buzz:) Here is a sneak peek while the moderators approve the post;) Will link to blogshopbuzz once the post is "live":)

Swallows Beaded Top

Visit Jolly Femelle now!:)
Review: TTR Marshmallow Skirt in Aquamarine, XS

Review: Design wise, i would say its not super unique, its just a simple skater skirt :) The cutting is flattering though! $28mailed is slightly expensive imo, but i guess thats because the material(suede) is more costly. The suede is soft and of good quality:) I took XS for this skirt and it fits perfectly, unlike some skirts which constantly droop :/ But i think after a full meal it'll be abit tight haha. Colour wise you should refer to ttr's pics for a more accurate gauge. I think aquamarine is more like teal, quite a nice colour:) But somehow i think getting ruby red would be a more versatile colour! -slight regret- XD

In the meantime, i've also updated my SELLING POST with lots more items:) Do scroll down to the bottom to take a look at my Skincare selling post as well! :) Have a happy saturday everyone:) 

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