Sunday, 1 July 2012

New beginnings :)

Hi all! As the title suggests, its time for a change! :) Haha some of you may rmb the post which i blabbered a whole chunk about how my dad's car broke down at msia's customs -_- So yup my dad says he wants a new car pronto! so we went car viewing:) 

He says his fav is still Lexus.. Our current one is a lexus as well and it lasted for 5 years!:) 

what a weird car plate! >.<

momsie lookin all chic and bright:)

Mercedes series?? haha i dont rly know much about car brandings! It all looks the same to me :x Dad and mum were talking about the shape(?!) of the car and how it looks nicer and something bout the engines... me and bro were like @.@?? cos we're car noobs. So we just enjoyed the air con and free water. #cheapthrills

cars.. looking all the same?? @.@

CWC Kaia Crop Top in White
Stradivarius Pink Lace Flare Skirt
Mint Pony Satchel
Silver Strap Sandals

Loving my OTD!:) Its so pastel and happy:) 

Review of cwc kaia top: Material is very good! Stretchy and thick(absorbent as well) :) Thumbs up for quality:) Its has a textured design as well which adds patterns to the top:) Not so plain^^ oh yes, although its cropped, i can still wear it with high waist bottoms, its not superly short:) You can only see the cropped effect with mid waist shorts:) But a good buy! Though i think $23 would be a better price for it;)

my fav shoes of the moment! Silver strap sandals!(you'll be seeing this alot more often cos i love it to bits:D)
i actually bought this 3 yrs ago? Just dug it out recently when we changed our shoe cupboard:)

and after car viewing we headed to far east:) Cos dad gotta alter some pants:) so i went into zara with mom:))

saw these awesome pastel tanks made of rly rly good material! At $16.90 its rly a good deal:) Material is rly fab, cant emphasize that more ;)

and i have been looking for white jeans.. but i havent found the perfect one yet:/ Must be one that is flattering:) anyways i like the white on white combo:) So minimalist:)

and here are the tanks! But not rly true to this pic:/ brighter and prettier irl:)

YAY finally tried TWG's much raved about macaroons! 

got a box of six which is enough alr:)
The flavours they have are rly unique!:) There's like choc, rose, blackberry etc and its ALL infused with tea:) Can be black tea, chamomile etc:) This would be a good choice for fruity/tea lovers ;) For those who like sweeter/classic flavours, i recommend Delifrance:) Its still my fav place for macaroons!

i can so have one now!! -hungry-

hehe, oh yes another thing! I have received an enquiry regarding the Pearl Collar dress which i raved about in my post Pearlescent Beauty here! I'll be joining the spree again in a few days time and i'll be collating orders for the dress:) U guys can email me at if u want a piece of the pretty collar dress!:) It'll be $28 after adding shipping costs from overseas (which is quite pricey). Topup $1.50 for norm postage and another $2.20 for reg:) I would say its really worth the money cos quality and design is rly fab!

Closing date(payment to be in): 5July midnight! Item takes ~4wks to arrive:)

PS: I'll be doing a beauty post after my exams as requested on my formspring!:) Do formspring me(@ SIDE BAR) and let me know if you guys want any specific posts!(eg, beauty post) :) Good day!

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