Thursday, 5 July 2012


hey guys!:) This is the longest period which i didnt update i tink! 4 days haha. most papers are down alr so im relieved!

and i realised i missed out this dress last week when i was doing reviews!! :x

Lilypirates Downtown Darlington Dress in Pristine White

Review: My best buy from lilypirates yet! This is my fav dress from them currently^^ I like it better than the lace dress ;) Material is really good for this dress, its comfy, stretchy and thick enough to look polished but still suitable for our weather:) And there are two panels at the side for slimming effect haha, though not obvious. Of course what i like most about this dress is the hem! Look at the super pretty cut outs ^^ Simply gorgeous:) Very satisfied with this buy!! ^^

Haha okay anyways:) The order for the pearl collar dress had quite a number of orders:) Thanks for the support! And i had an email from a very nice reader who gave me feedback, saying that maybe i should bring in more items instead of just the pearl collar dress:) What do you guys think? I think i'll open another spree with more of the items i think are worth it + pretty ^^ It'll be up soon as well! oh gosh i realize i have alot of posts to do eek! Some backdated sponsored reviews and articles for blogshopbuzz as well 0.0 Ok after monday's paper i promise i'll work hard for this space~~

Oh yes before i forget....

THE BANANA PARTY has launched its 5th collection!!:) 

Alot of pretty prints in this collection, let the pics do the talking!:)

Oh and most of the items are at its last piece alr! So do head over and grab them while you can ^^ My pick for this collection would be the enchanted floral top and take a flight sparrow blouse(i kept it in cream!) :) Have a good day everyone! 

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