Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cherry On Top<3

hi guys! my com is officially down:( So updates will be less often sry! Have to kope my bro's com to update.. and he's pretty stingy with it cos he's addicted to computer games -_-

Anyways!:) a sponsored review again ;)

Pretty accessories from SPICYHOTCAKE!:))

wheee~ Look at the pretty gold hued 3D necklace:) I love anything gold hued cos it gives off that air of elegance and really spices up your look:) This one is shiny gold, very classy:) And i like that it is detailed, has gems and florals and different geometric shapes which makes it really unique imo:) I think this necklace is one of their best selling ones currently so do grab it while you can :D 

upclose! see the gold rose? It looks like fabric but its actually hard, gold mesh:) Really structured and once you touch it you'll know its of good quality:) Quite a nice statement necklace to own^^

next up! The white floral bib necklace which i like alot as well!:) Its daisies if im not wrong:) Gold and white pairs quite nicely, sophisticated! And since its a bib necklace, once you wear this one accessory, other aspects can be kept minimal and you can already make an impact:) Thats why i love bib necklaces hehe. Its a lazy way out ;) Oh yes! In the middle of the daisies there are small crystals as well:) You can see it better in the close up shots:)

Yups, so get your fix of accessories at SPICYHOTCAKE today!^^


Dropped by Kissjane a few days back!:) I zoomed to mgg's rack straight away haha, cos i knew what i wanted to try on- their Pastel Embossed Bustier Tops :)

MGG Upcoming Pastel Embossed Bustier Tops 
Amber Avenue Pleated Skirt in Salmon

Review: Ok, im actually quite surprised that these were still hanging on the rack at first, and with sizes left! Quite a shock 0.0 But then i tried it and i kinda knew why.. I mean, i love the colours alot, pastel yellow and lilac are both very pretty colours. But the design for the top just doesn't do it for me, imo. Firstly, i tried size S and the ptp and waist part is too big for me:/  Material is smooth but not padded. And the embossed details are quite pretty but can't really be seen.. :/ But the one thing that made me not buy it (at ~$35) is that its straps are just not acceptable :( Its non adjustable and its very thick at the top and becomes thin nearer to the chest area :/ The design is just weird><>< And its actually not flattering :( Yups>< I was rly looking forward to this piece but now i know i'm def not gonna get it in the launch. Its just my opinion though~ if you girls want to get it still by all means:))

happy weekend!!

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