Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hello!! Small update:)) 
So yes most of you should have heard me mention the musical quite a few times in the past week! Its a school event and of course held in school compounds:) If you can spot the people in gold gowns on the  second level, im one of them! This scene is out solo stage, for choristors:)
 Anyways if i manage to kope more pictures from facebook I'll update them here k!

Some overdue reviews:
(To the reader who was waiting for this review, im so sry its late!! Been rly busy><)

Agneselle Hepburn Dress in Cherry Red (S)

 Review: Material is thick, structured and of good quality. Colour is true-est to my last pic, more of a deep pink than red actually. The fit for me is good at the waist, but too big at the shoulders area cos i'm petite :/ Cutting is abit weird imo... cos it looks good in certain angles but just too poofy at other angles :/ So i'm giving mixed reviews for this dress~

Oh yes, The Banana Party has launched a new collection!! Here are some of my fav pics from the shoot:

 And my pick will of course be the White Pleated Dainty Dress and Studded Yellow Peplum Top:) Both are rly pretty!

Some instagram updates:

my super cute cousin holding a super cute baby lamb<3

haha this is daebak(awesome)! I took a while to figure out one of the dogs are fake ;)

my first time purchasing from ASOS! Lovely experience:) Will show u guys the whole loot stash another day:)
Yups thats all for now~ You can follow me on instagram @chitinous_cell_wall cos im more active there!:)
And have a happy holiday to all students!!

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