Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sweet Shades of Rose

Hey all:) I won't be able to update as much these coming 2 weeks k>< But I'll still post as often as i can!:) Some overdue otds and stuff:

Amber Avenue Madison Crop Top in White
Camel Tweed Skirt
Moschino Vintage Belt

Review(AA Top): 
I wanted this top but missed out AA's launch! So i tried it on when i saw it at kissjane:) Although there was only M left i still took it cos i really like the design:)) The subtle panelling is really pretty, and the cutting is nice as well ;) For about $30 i think this is worth it cos its a good basic top to have, since it pretty much matches anything ;) And its super chic! Oh yes, sizing wise, M has allowance on me, but not to the extent of oversized. I think S will be more fitting but because this top is not v stretchy and has no zip whatsoever, S might be abit hard to put on. So i'm glad i got M:) Good buy!

LB Cassis Cardi (Pink)

Review: Rly super gorgeous irl:) I love the cropped length cos its perfect for my petite size:) And it has gold shimmers! Totally suits the sweet pink shade to a T :) The seashell buttons are also a nice touch! Looks shiny and pearly, very pretty:) Material is not thick, which i think is good cos Singapore is rly hot :x but if you wear it in cold offices/cinemas it may not provide enough warmth. Overall still a good buy, love the design, colour and cutting!

So... everyone has been raving about BKK lately! Its like suddenly everyone goes to BKK haha. I also want to go but sadly i still have school.. so my mum and dad went alone tsk. But shopaholic mum got me lots of stuff back from BKK!<3 Loots below:

My fav one is definitely the yellow eyelet skirt :) So bright and happy!! Second fav is the coral pink crop top with cutouts:) 

During my one week hols i did my nails:) Lol yes i know its only one week but pretty nails still make me feel better haha:) 

Here are the colours i used:)

I know the pedi is kinda messy haha, didn't bother cleaning away the excess polish :x But i added pearls! So pretty:))

And family dinner at Takashimaya!:) One of the restaurants on level 5:) Forgot what the name was though>< 

Clam Vongole Pasta yum:)

And my fav accessory section in kino hehe. Always get super tempted by the neat stuff. But oh so pricey :x

wore my wine red dr martens inspired shoes out again:) V comfy!

And another OTD!:) Featuring a crotchet pink dress from BKK:) Mum says its imported from korea and costs $40++!! :O all i can say is, mum spent $40 on this dress in BKK?! hmm, v pricey for bkk standards :/

Some fashion/girly reads to destress :) Bought these 2 cos Nina Dobrev is my fav actress EVER:) ANd i like victoria justice too:) Both v cute one haha

Anddd... i succumbed to this scrapbooking border design, but its pretty! and prob can last quite long too so okay value for money:)

Macaroons from Rive Gauche( B1 takashimaya).
Def not the best i've tasted :( ... i don't think i'll purchase from them again :x

Anyways i'm itching to try Canele's macaroons!! Def will try them after exams:) Gonna go on another foodie trip with my friends after exams:))

Before i end off, here's a sponsored review from LOVEPINE!;)


I'm loving the vivid, bright tropical prints on this dress! :) Super statement dress hehe. Has great cutting (flared) and has semi structured mesh at the bottom hemlines for a really nice shape:) My mum commented that it looks like a dress off the runway which i agree:) Its really gorgeous in real life:) Get yours from LOVEPINE today!:)

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