Saturday, 8 September 2012


Hey guys :)) Today's all gonna be bout teacher's day 2012 ;) One of the best teacher's day i've ever had :) cos this year we put alot more effort into it hehe. Pic spam ahead!!

On the bus, otw to get presents :)

 Heh heh, daiso, the best place to get nice and affordable stuff for ahem, 7 teachers ;)
 Me and crazy friends love squishy stuff! And its a squishy rabbit and whale!!<3

 Final loots!:) If you can guess, the floral pouch is i choose de haha. For my chinese teacher who is a fashionista XD

 And its a foodie trip as well!! We are connoisseurs in the making hehe. xD No la, we r actually not fussy abt food lol. Just feed us anyth >)
 Poking my shy friend sylvia :)
 Now... for the BEST food discovered during the trip....

 With Rach's yummy passionfruit ice cream as well :))

 The best sea salt caramel ice cream i've ever tasted :) My fav flavour now ^^ Its flavouful but you won't get sick of it even after a whole cup:) I was craving for another cup after finishing my first one hehe.
 Squishy things unite ;) Captioned by sylvia lolol
 And here's some stuff i got for myself!:)
Blue glitter notebook
Cream shimmer scrunchie
Rabbit bath scrub (yes the squishy thing is actually a bath scrub haha)
 And i bought a plier and some silver wires at daiso too, to do this:
 Inspired by Saboskirt:
Its obviously not as nice and professional haha, but okay i did it in 5 minutes so i'm satisfied with it :))

And i bought cake for my grandaunt<3 we both LOVE desserts ;) Just give me dessert any day and i'll make it my main meal hahaha
Plain paper bags from daiso as well!:) To decorate it ourselves ;) I'm in charge of the fonts! And if you see the duo tone magnet, you prob can guess that Mr Ng is a physics teacher. Right? Unless you cant tell its a magnet :(
My most satisfied font drawing! Pretty cute huh?:)
VOILA! End products:

the teachers were super touched <3 :')

And here's a combined gift from my whole class ;) Check out our pics haha. Can you spot mine? Its half cut off from this angle :O
LOL Look at my friend weijin!!! What kind of picture is that hahahhaa
okay thats all for teacher's day 2012 :) Awesome experience!

And... wiw for the trip!

Ellysage Oversized Crotchet Top

Review: For $23 this is quite worth it! Usually i'm not a fan of oversized, but this one is oversized in a chic way so i'm very happy with the cutting! It looks best tucked in for me cos im petite:) I especially like the sleeves area which is slightly bigger than usual so it has a semi-structured shape and flares out nicely :) Oh and its cuffed at the sleeves as well, which i like:) Material is quite okay too, but prob need to wear something else inside cos its crotchet/semi see through. Overall a good buy!<3 

okay bye!

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