Saturday, 22 September 2012

Preppy Pastel Knit:)

Hey guys! Its saturday again:) I'm churning out this post before heading to malaysia to celebrate my lil bro's bday with my relatives:) UPDATE: sry i did't manage to post this on saturday lol ><

So during the hols i went out with my buddies for a bday celebration! Just a day of food, movie and shopping haha, what girls love the most ;)

Okay so we started the day quite unhealthily :x Lunch was at burger king cos there wasn't alot of shops opened in cinelesure yet :/

 Syl and her strawberry sundae:)

 Bday girl Muiz! Lol why they all in denim ah, just realized O.O Anyway syl is wearing a polka tie top from My glamour place!:)

 Omg finally a glam-er pic of sylvia! if you realize later on all her pics v unglam de why!! okay and you'll see my crazy side in abit :x Im actually not demure at all to be honest, im rather hyper and nonsensical in front of friends :x and syl just called me a monkey today hmmphffff.

 okay the spastic faces are -_- my image is ruined. but never mind la haha

 my side of the table!<3

 full table shot!
 anddd the other side- Tze She and Chay :))
 waiting for mui to buy gongcha and sneak it into the cinema(we are secretly rebellious :O)

Just look at chay omg hahahah
 she's blowing syl's hair if you didnt realize haha. omg the things we do..
 syl act cool!!!
 designing of mui's bday cake at The Icing Room(somerset 313)!

 Anyways im the photographer that day cos i upload pics much faster than ahem, miss syl who takes at least 2 months to do so. coughs.

 syl and chay staring at a water bottle in amazement??? lol what they doing?! haha

 everyone looks so nice here, except for syl who has a sheepish face hahaha. see wat i mean by unglam always xD

 me and syl ooloo ooloo-ing  around. aka slacking and fooling around while the other more artistically inclined friends decorate the cake nicely hehe.
 omg syl why i have a best friend like youuuuuu hahahah xD

 syl the llama with horns. teehee

 spastic chay caught fluffing tzeshe's fox keychain!!

 #sylvia made me do it

 TADAH! all done:) No credits to me and sylvia seriously... we were in a world of our own doing silly stuff.

 See if you can find out which one is my name! ;) my nickname that is ;)


 we love you mui!!:)

 our awesome rainbow sponge cake <3 koped from instagram ;)
 and after which we went shopping! Used the chance to take some OTD pics:) Pardon the shoes, we went out straight away after chemistry lesson in the morning haha.

TVD Peterpan Top in Baby Blue (S)
White Crotchet Skirt (Valleygirl, Aussie brand)

 LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COORD!!<3 I bought this set after trying on ;) Its from Japanese shop Dip Drops btw<3 This outfit(knit top and polka chiffon skirt was at special price of $49 for both! Such a steal<3) I showed mui this coord and she enthusiastically gave the thumbs up :D
 So Jap-looking right?:) My fav- knits and pastels :)) Anyways i'm really into Jap style lately:)
 Dip Drops is officially one of my fav stores now! Along topshop, zara, kissjane etc ^^
 Mad pretty. Can't stop staring at them:) And i actually think the preppy look with a peterpan blouse inside looks cuter :) W/o the peterpan blouse inside oso can la :)
 Another good find!:) Daisy pearl bracelet from a random shop in cine for $6.90:)) It totally looks like a piece off Forever New's racks which can easily cost $20++ @.@
 Ribbons, floral, lace. My usual favs:) From accessories store minkin( i tink its spelt this way?) at level 2 of cine:)
K thats all! Good weekends everyone:) I'll be mugging for exams asnijsbafavfb.

okay thanks bye:)

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