Monday, 17 September 2012

`Airy Fairy

Just an update on whats going on in my life lately, which even i admit is reaaaalllyy boring :'( 
I'll get my life back after exams!! -fist pump-
Sooo, my school had a fund raising project on National day to raise funds for president's challenge:)
It went quite well i think, quite alot of moolahs were raised ;)
And they rewarded us for our hard work with a cake, super yummy!!!!!
 And it was CCA step down day a few weeks back, cos erm, im in senior year and moving on to another school next year so the juniors gave us farewell gifts:) This is only one of them lol, cos i only bothered to take one pic haha

 Dearest granduncle's bday a week ago! Made him a card cos he doesn't like me to spend money on him as usual~ The theme is Secret Garden LOL YES IM STILL OBSESSED WITH SECRET GARDEN K dont judge!! Such an awesome kdrama;)

And yes i know its kinda girly :'( I only haz girly scrapbooking materials and everything i do comes out like, girly. My mum and aunts love it but errr my dad was like "why so pink lol" -trollface

 Some pretty shots of the day, fashion inspirations and a dosage of cuteness to bring a smile to your face :)

This is so freaking gorgeous. Nuff said.

Feminine, flowy, ethereal style, my fav!

Prim and proper

Na, here's your dosage of cuteness!
 And my fav OTD for the week!<3<3

TVD Fishtail Skirt in Cream(S) and LB Bejou in White(XS)

Review(LB): Actually camped for this months ago during the launch but was way too slow:( But now im glad i didnt manage to get it during the launch cos i got a gd deal from LB's forum ;) Got this at $28mailed so its a steal:) Its a really pretty top with all the intricate crotchet and fitting cutting:) But the "inner lining" material is way too thin:/ Its kinda see through, so i guess the slightly higher price tag is for the design not the material. Still, its super pretty so i'll be keeping it!:)

Review(TVD): I actually didn't want to get anymore fishtail skirts cos i have so many alr! But this one is rly too pretty to resist.:) I kinda regret not getting it in Lavender as well :/ Much prefer this cutting and design to MGG's one actually, this one has a bandage skirt inner layer which is abit more troublesome to wear but rly stretchy and comfy:) Worth the price i would say, so so gorgeous ;)


  1. Hi. Just wondering where you got the key you used on the card from? ((:

    1. hello! :) You can get it from the slightly more atas bookstores like Kinokuniya at takashimaya, or A & BC at Bugis junction:) Its at the stationary section :) Hope this helps! :))

  2. Hello! Where is the LB forum that you got the bralet from? :)

    1. Hi:) Its at LB's facebook page:) here's the direct link: