Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Swirls of Happiness

I'm addicted to tumblr lately so here are some pretty pics i got from there ;) my tumblr account is etherealpeonies if you want to follow me:) Its mostly fashion pics/food hehe.

#credits to all respective owners:)

And my cousins came to stay again! 2 nights this time ;) So i had alot of fun with them cute things. 

Everytime they come over, first thing to do is to raid my room LOL. Cos i got alot of stuffed plushies. hahaha. Just look at my baby cous, he want to hug all the plushies at once! #faints of cuteness

And another fav part for them is Swimming!
I totally don't swim haha, maybe only once in 2 months?? Cos chlorine is so damaging to the hair :(

"I haz a round tummy too!"

omg and they love my funky specs :O Fashionistas in the making! Still match the colour of their shirt somemore haha. pro kids.

Instagrammed: (you can follow me at chitinous_cell_wall)
Shopping at vivo:) hahaha this pic is so epic. My 11 year old brother is a babysitter now hahahha

Totally candid! Gorgeous.

Kids are so flexible... anyways he's copying the GAP model at the back. can spot?? hahahaha
Went into the pet shop cos well, they are obsessed with animals like any other kid:)

Instagrammed shot again!

Intoxiquette Ribbons and Crotchet Puree Swirl Dress in Pastel Yellow (Sz S)

Review: Okay, my obsession with yellow is not over yet.. But this pastel yellow dress is super sweet and pretty irl:) Made of chiffon and crotchet, with inner lining so its non sheer:) Sizing wise, abit big for me at the waist and ptp. Easy to wear with side zip(though abit cranky at times). The front details are super pretty! It has circular floral crotchet motifs and a (non detachable) white ribbon:) Basically i bought this for the colour and design. Quite a good piece i would say, worth $29:) Its the throw on and go kind, don't rly need accessories, good for lazy days :))


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