Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Harmonious White

Hola! :) I'm still basking in the warm rays of a holiday morning:) Thank goodness there is still 4 days of holidays left! Got so much to do><

As promised, the full loots from ASOS:
Crotchet Floral Bud headband
Pearl Cat Ears
Pearl and crystal hairband

Skinny Peace bracelet

First time purchasing from ASOS and i must say i am really impressed with the quality of the goods! Its all true to the pictures on site and turned out lovely:) I think its still safer for me to purchase accessories from them instead of clothes becos their sizing tends to be kinda big for me :/ Anyways my fav one out of this few would be the Peace bracelet! Its small and dainty in real life, and fits me perfectly! Not too big like most of my bracelets:)

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT~~ (-turns into katy perry for a moment-)
It was my aunt's bday!:)) Went to this Chinese restaurant with swanky ceiling lights!
 Some pepper chicken soup(?)
 Hahaha candid shot of my grandma and her pufferfish face! teehee
 Anyways there were obviously other food, other than the chicken soup hahah but i was too busy eating so.. :x I CANT EVER BE A FOOD GOURMET ;(

back at grandma's house to blow out the candles! Idk what my aunt was laughing at hahah
 The young ones aka bro and cousin!~ Tonight~~~ We are young~~
 Whee! Its vanilla fruit cake MY FAV :')
 And guess what i found in msia hahah! these teddy biscuits<3 one of my fav childhood biscuits of all time :))
 And here's my OTD for that night!

AE Bella Top in White, (S)
Forever New Embellished Skirt

Review: I've actually reviewed the black version here :) Anyways i'm glad i sold the black one away cos it really doesn't suit me and white def suits me better:) Am quite happy with the white one ^^ oh yes, even though it is white i don't think sheerness is a problem cos the material is rather good, semi-thick kind plus its double lined at the upper half:) A very elegant score from AE!:)

I think you can see the upclose of the lace better in this pic:)

 Accessories of the day:) Pearl hairtie and Gold ribbon earrings:) my obsession with ribbons is crazy @^@
 And mum bought this for me in msia's watsons haha. cos its cheaper there! #kiasusingaporeans
I think I'll be trying it out for my shoot with The banana party this sunday!!:)

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