Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bella Stilo: Colourblock!

 hola! Here's another Bella Stilo series :)) I have been putting more effort in this area recently! Can tell right? :) The next series is going to be awesome hehe. Anyways! Today's post is for... COLOURBLOCK:) 

Earl Grey Party Colourblock Dress
Aldo Fur Clutch
Metal Cap Heels

Colourblocking is one trend that has been around in the past year and this year as well, and i don't think it'll be going anywhere soon ;) It is an easy way to make a statement, you can work it the polished way or the bold way mainly ;) Simple yet charming.

For the polished look, you can stick to clean cuts and lines, with "safe" colours like white, pink, black, etc. Mainly the softer or minimalist colours:)

For the quirky/bold/attention lovers, loud and energetic colours would suit you very well! Directly contrasting colours in the colour wheel would be for the very bold, eg, colours like yellow and purple, or orange and blue. One of my favourite bold colourblocking combinations is scarlet red and cobalt blue ;)

But sometimes colourblocking can go quite wrong, and a way to keep yourself safe from falling into those pits is to follow this guideline: Colourblock with colours from the same family.
What does that mean you may ask? A very good example will be the EGP dress featured in this series! Mix colours of different shades, rose pink and light pink in this case. Its the safest way to colourblock :)

Witha simple colourblocking dress, you can add on accessories and it won't be over the top:)
Lilac pearl necklace from SPICYHOTCAKE ;)

Or add in a playful/quirky satchel to spice up your ensemble ;)

Alright thats all for now:) Hope you guys liked this series! The next one will be even more awesome i promise;) Hint: White, Polished.

Andddd i've finally got down to arranging my wardrobe!! -proud and accomplished- lolol. So here's how my pastel cupboard looks like now:
I have other parts not arranged yet.. I think for the rest I'll arrange according to colour:) Any comments/tips on wardrobe organizing?? You can drop me a comment on formspring k:)) TML IS FRIDAY GUYS, STAY ALIVE TILL THEN:)

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