Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bella Stilo: Blazers

Helloooo :) Here's another Bella Stilo Series! I have to say this one is my fav so far ;) Love how the pictures turned out:) So yups, today's all about Blazers!

I think its an understatement to say that blazers are essential at some point of our lives haha;) Most would link blazers to the formal and dashing tuxedos guys wear. But, i think girls can carry it off equally well;)

Whether you are going for an androgynous look, or simply want to throw it over a dress to make it more office appropriate -it works. Its a really good piece to have to you know, make everything look smarter, crisp and neat.

So yes i would think that blazers will be essential to all at some point of time. :) It'll be wise to invest in the most basic colours first like monochrome hues-black and white. 

So for my look today, I'm going for a minimalist white look :) I like the idea of mixing textures to give a more 3D look, and contrast it with the clean cut of the blazer and white ensemble.

The Velvet Dolls Ashford Blazer in White (S)
Apparelize Dainty Lady Top
Love, Bonito Sander Shorts in White, XS
Topshop Vintage Bib Necklace
Martina Pink Studded Ivory Heels (avail at TANGS)

So yups that all for the blazer series, hope you guys liked the pictures! It was hard taking nice pics when the weather was so hot in the afternoon ._. Nonetheless it was worth it ;)

And now. Back to Tumblr.

So loving this coordinate! Colour matching with hues from the same family;) So so chic.

We all need some spikes.

Love this shade of brown

Lazy afternoons.
Alright i'm rushing out some globalisation notes for my socratic seminar tomorrow.. wish me luck!


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